House Is Swinging Dream Meaning

A dream about a swinging house is an eloquent indication that your current position is extremely fragile and may change at any time. Dream Interpretation advises to rely solely on yourself.

If the house is swinging for an unknown reason, the dream interpretation is sure: unsolved problems and personal fears have brought you to an extremely dangerous state. If you cannot relieve the nervous tension in a “peaceful” way, then you will get into great trouble.

Sometimes the swaying of buildings in a dream symbolizes the work of the subconscious. The more rhythmic and intense the movement was, the more radical are the changes inside the dreamer.

Feeling clearly how the house swings is a foreshadowing of family troubles, health problems and decline in business. A very tall building in a dream symbolizes an unattainable goal or dream. If you managed to climb to the top, but felt the vibrations, then your expectations are destined to embody with great difficulty.

It is a bad sign to see the house collapse under your feet, the desired will not be fulfilled at this life stage.

If your own home is swaying in a dream, you should get ready for intra-family difficulties. If the building was rocking while you were at the workplace, this is a sign of problems at work. If you felt jerks while being in the store, according to the dream book, you should be prepared for a period of lack of money and total savings. If the theater or the night club were shaking in your dream, then you are clearly overdoing the entertainment.

Miller’s dreambook is sure: if the house is staggering in a dream, then you have to completely change your lifestyle in the real world. This is a sign of a possible move or change of activity.

If the building swaying was the result of an earthquake, there is a period of frequent but minor difficulties at work and in the family.

Sergii Haranenko
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