House Without Windows Dream Meaning

The dreambooks explain plots about building without windows with enthusiasm or, on the contrary, the apathy of the dreamer. Sometimes the plot of the dream should be regarded as a call to be more active and decisive.

Miller gives interesting interpretation of a dream about house without windows. If you had a chance to see the room from inside, the dreams of the person are reliably protected, and it depends only on his efforts which of them can be accomplished. The interpretation of the dream is encouraging that, even in the worst case, the sleeper will not lose his position.

Seeing an old house with hammered shutters outside, changes will be triggered by external factors. It only remains to adapt to the changed circumstances.

If you saw a wooden house without windows, Freud associates this image with a coffin. Perhaps in real life one had to “bury” something which filled it with meaning. There are also other interpretations for such plot. If you are trying to find a loophole in the wall to get inside, the plot speaks of frequent failures on a personal front. In women's dreams, the sign shows an uncertainty about their own attractiveness.

Seeing oneself in a confined space and at the same time feeling quite comfortable can be an often plot for those who need sanctuary in reality. If the windows in the building are present, but they are tightly shuttered or boarded up, there will be big changes in personal life.

According to Vanga, an unfinished building without windows even in the project means an extreme degree of mistrust towards the world and oneself. Sometimes such image predicts unfavorable period for new beginnings.

A house without windows and doors means the sleeper has to deal with insuperable circumstances. If you dreamed of a room without window openings and doors, the dream book of O. Smurova, on the contrary, claims that right now there is an unexpected way to brilliantly complete the seemingly hopeless business.

Sergii Haranenko
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