House Falling Dream Meaning

    The image of a falling building leaves an unpleasant impression both in a dream and in reality. If you do not remember the details of the plot, the dreambooks give short general interpretations:
  • Seeing a house falling – sign of troubles;
  • Something fell on the building and ruined it – unexpected events will disturb you;
  • The building was ruined by earthquake or hurricane – financial problems;
  • House fell because of problems with foundation – sign of health problems;
  • If you dreamed that only half of the building fell – difficulties will not be long-lasting.

According to Miller, if you happen to watch a house fall, you will lose faith in the sincerity of people. It is especially bad if the falling building was your home.

To observe that the falling multi-storey structure collapsed on nearby buildings - to a quarrel with neighbors.

Is the high-rise building shaking and collapsing because of the earthquake? You should learn to save money, Preacher Loff states.

A multistory building falling from strong gusts of wind is seen - do not invest your money anywhere. Profitable at first glance, the company will collapse.

Not too comforting is the interpretation of the dream in which the house falls, washed away by a huge tsunami. It is a sign of loss.

If you dream of a house falling due to an error in the calculations of the architect, and people run out of it, this means you should take even the most harmless cold very seriously, Lunar dreambook advises.

If you dreamed that something went wrong in the construction of the housing complex, and you see how the multi-storey reinforced concrete structure staggers and collapses on a person? You can get hurt.

What is the meaning of a dream that you live in a high-rise that staggers all the time because the builders have done something wrong? You should carefully choose a doctor - there is a risk of running into a charlatan.

If the house felt because a plane fell on it in a dream – there will be great changes in your life. If the dwelling is destroyed completely - not very good changes are coming; something remained untouched - wait for joy and success. But if the plane did not ruin anything - the bad will leave, the good will remain.

The ceiling sank in the house because a tree fell on the roof - Eastern dreambook advises not to do anything serious, just wait.

If the roof or ceiling is ruined and falling, but the walls remain untouched, this means you will get rid of annoying advisers and problems will pass.

If you dreamed that the wall of a residential building collapsed - to reconciliation with relatives with whom you had not been in contact for a long time; and if it was a shopping mall or business center, you will resolve the disagreement at work.

IF not the whole house falls, but only the upper floor - the management will finally appreciate you.

Sergii Haranenko
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