Wooden House Dream Meaning

What is the dream meaning of a wooden house? The wooden house is a rather contradictory dream symbol. In a dream it can personify both the comfort and warmth of a family hearth, and acquire a negative and sometimes sinister meaning.

Those who are currently resolving issues related to housing and real estate, the dreamed up plot can serve as a forecast of a completed or failed transaction. It is the plot of the dream and the mood that accompanied the sleeper are often the keys to interpretation.

If you saw a dream about a new wooden house, the dream book promises that fortune will soon smile up to you. You have to go through joyful and exciting events; you have a dizzying success ahead.

The positive meaning of the dream is enhanced if you are lucky enough to buy a wooden house in a dream. Dream interpretation says that wonderful changes will come into your life, you will certainly be happy with everything that happens.

According to Miller, a dream when you can not find the wooden house where it should be symbolizes deep disappointment in people and annoyance that one cannot rely on anybody.

If the dreamed wooden house without windows causes a feeling of isolation and closeness, according to Freud’s dream book, the dream is associated with the coffin. What you see means that you, for a number of objective and not very objective reasons, cannot afford to live to the fullest. Dissatisfaction with the quality of life in reality is transformed into such images in a dream. A wooden house without doors, into which you have to climb the walls, foreshadows failure in love.

An old wooden house that looks uncomfortable and abandoned is usually associated by dreambooks with the attitude of the dreamer to himself. The dreamer devotes too much time and energy to caring for others in real life.

Building a wooden house in a dream it symbolizes an optimistic attitude and an intense thirst for activity.

Sergii Haranenko
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