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Interpretation of a dream about gynecologist

A visit to a gynecologist in real life is related to worries and anxiety, minutes of fear and sometimes despair. Seeing this plot in your dream means that the person is very worried about the state of his health. A dream about visiting a gynecologist may be related to a dreamer’s wish to have children. According to Family dreambook a visit to a gynecologist may predict a long-expected pregnancy for the dreamer. The prognosis is more favorable if the doctor was kind and smiling. On the contrary, seeing your doctor tensed or unfriendly means you have some problems with the fertility issues. If you just dreamt about a regular visit to your doctor this dream may just be a reminder that it is time to have an appointment.

Young women who are actively looking for partner will have an unfavorable period in relations if they dreamt about visiting a man-gynecologist whom they don’t know. If your visit to a doctor caused an emotional burst and the doctor was yelling at you you can be expecting problems with your relatives or boss. This dream may also indicate disagreements with your partner. If you saw yourself as a gynecologist in your dream it means that you are a very understanding person who is ready to help his friends or family even with the most delicate issues. If you saw one of your friends visiting a gynecologist this dream means that this person will either have a baby soon or may need your help and support.

If the procedures were unpleasant and the doctor was using sharp instruments and you saw drops of blood this dream is unfavorable and may indicate problems with fertility or even unplanned abortion. If the dreamer was having abortion at the gynecologist this dream means that the person is ready to give up something very important.