Ultrasound Dream Meaning

In real life we are having an ultrasound research when we have problems with health. Unlike real life, dreams about having ultrasound symbolize a long and healthy life. Sometimes this dream just shows that the dreamers is concerned about his health. Some dreambooks remind that this dream indicates the necessity to hold responsibility of your actions. You shouldn’t ask others to help with non-existing, far-fetched problems. Menegetty’s dreambook states that dreams about ultrasound visit those people who can not find their place in life. You have to analyze your views and decide in which direction to move; otherwise some plotters will take advantage over you.

Dreambooks advise not to rush the events; many people who are obsessed with finding out what the future holds for them, see ultrasound in their dreams. A woman seeing the small pelvis ultrasound will have to take a serious decision. Changes connected with status or lifestyle changing, are possible.

A woman, who dreamt about pregnancy for a long time, can be sure to be expecting soon if she saw a dream about ultrasound. If a man sees such dream, this shows that he is much concerned with the coming changes. A dream, that the ultrasound discovered that the man is pregnant, indicates improvement of financial situation.

    Depending on the area that was under research, the dreamer can have more detailed interpretation of the night image:
  • head and neck vessels – hard and tensed work is waiting for you;
  • joints – indicate that you have a lot of physical work;
  • heart muscle – you will have changes in love affairs;
  • abdominal cavity – you’d better be restrained in food.

Women, who were diagnosed pregnancy by ultrasound, will be successful in everything they start. Those, who were sure about pregnancy, but got negative result in a dream, will be sincerely surprised in real life. To make an ultrasound to check the baby’s sex usually indicates difficult choice. If the research didn’t manage to show the baby’s sex you have to be patient and restrain from thoughtless moves. If the ultrasound found that you will have a boy, prepare for communication with an interesting person. If it was a girl you can be expecting small but pleasant bothers or a nice vacation.

Sergii Haranenko
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