Adult Son Is A Little Boy Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you dream of your adult son being a kid? Most often, grown-up children appear in a childish time in a dream before some bright and cheerful events that are about to happen in the dreamer's life. But, as in any interpretation, there are nuances in the plot which determine the nature of the future changes. Remember the details of the image you saw in a dream, and the dream books will tell you whether it is good or not.

If you dreamed of an adult son as a little crying boy, according to the Wanderer's dream book, this suggests that you should pay more attention to your health and that of your household.

But a terrible dream in which you see your little son (who is a grown-up person now) in a coffin or dead should not be interpreted as prophetic. Such dreams promise a long life and excellent health.

Seeing an adult son as a little boy hugging you tightly in a dream is a symbol of faith in the best. If you pin your hopes on the future, they will certainly come true. Make plans, start new projects, get carried away with something that you have wanted to try for a long time - whatever you undertake, will give success and a boost of vivacity, dream books assure.

A very strong prophecy that promises great happiness is a dream in which you admire your newborn baby, who is already a grown-up person in reality.

According to the Eastern interpreter, if an adult son appears to be little in a dream, it means that some changes will enter your life.

Was the little son cheerful and happy, was he laughing or clapping his hands? Change will allow you to fulfill everything that you have long dreamed of. It is especially good if the baby in a dream was very beautiful or smartly dressed.

But interpreting what a dirty, sick or exhausted little boy means in a dream, the oracle indicates the need to think over a "backup plan" of actions. This is in case something happens that changes your way of life.

What does it mean if you dreamed of a baby son playing with toys, who has become a man long ago in reality? Pastor Loff's dream book interprets this vision as a career change.

Remember if your son played boyish games - he was a general, a racer, a firefighter, etc. – in this case it is worth preparing for a promotion. Moreover, the career takeoff will be rapid.

And in case your little boy plays with dolls or sculpts sand cakes, this means more attention should be paid to your work duties, since there is a risk of not meeting the expectations of the management and getting a demotion.

Explaining what it means when an adult son is seen as a little boy, some dream books are sure that this is how longing for your own child is manifested. Perhaps your son lives far from you, you rarely see each other, so you miss him.

But it may be that such a dream promises parting in the near future. Either you or your son will leave for a long time. You do not need to tune in to sadness; you should remember that any separation always ends with a meeting.

Miller's dream book is convinced that an overage son, having appeared in the image of a little kid, predicts the receipt of news.

If you see that the little son is leaving you, looking back and wiping tears away, this is a sign of unpleasant news that you may receive. Call your son when you wake up and ask how he is doing. Perhaps your advice will help him solve a difficult problem.

What is the meaning of dream of a boy who sends you air kisses or waves his hands happily? This is a good sign! You will soon hear something good from the heir.

Beating or punishing a child in a dream is considered an alarming signal, says the Women's Dream Book. Seeing an adult son as a little helpless boy whom you beat or punish is a sign that your relationship may deteriorate in real life.

And if in a dream you fought with someone because of your son, this means you will also quarrel with this person in reality, and your beloved offspring can also become the cause of the conflict.

Have you noticed bloody abrasions or bleeding wounds on your son's body? Be careful! This suggests that you are putting a lot of pressure on him in reality, and this pressure has a very negative effect on the future life of your child.

Why do you dream that someone kidnapped your little son? Don't be alarmed! This is a hint that a long-term loss will be found. And, most likely, not without someone’s help.

The Gypsy dream book deciphers dreams of adult children who “returned” to childhood as the need to change profession or make adjustments to your own principles. Fate gives you a chance to start all over again.

What does it mean if your son was drowning in a dream, and you saved him? Someone needs you and the support you can provide, Longo's dream book predicts.

    If an adult son appeared as a little boy in your dream, then you should not ignore Miss Hasse's dream book. This lady divides dreamers by profession or occupation, explaining why such an image is seen. So if you are:
  • a lawyer or notary - you will come across a difficult client;
  • a teacher, educator - students will pleasantly surprise you;
  • in medical professional - do not dismiss the little things, they can play a decisive role;
  • a builder or handyman - some mistake from the past prevents you from moving on;
  • a housewife - you are fixated on everyday life, you should find time for yourself;
  • a businessman, entrepreneur - protect your brainchild from competitors;
  • a politician - you should learn to listen to those below you in rank.
Sergii Haranenko
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