General Dream Meaning

Why is a general seen in a dream? Dream Interpretations often call this image a symbol of the will and great opportunities of man. After such a vision in a dream, the success of upcoming endeavors, the support of an influential person, are possible. However, the image of a general in a dream also portends the loss of a friend, an obstacle to the goal.

What is means if you dream about a general? Dream Interpretation emphasizes: patronage will bring you great luck. The vision promises a successful solution to business issues, where the support of the authorities will play a significant role.

If he speaks kindly with you in a dream - expect stability in business. Your position will be strengthened thanks to a well-deserved good reputation.

Did you have a dream about being a general? The dream book calls such a plot the forerunner of the unexpected success of an unsuccessful enterprise.

Being a general, the commander in chief in a dream means the sleeping man will be able to unite people with a common cause, arrange their work correctly, and successfully lead the team.

Being a general in a dream often means: a person has all the possibilities to achieve a result, as well as enough volitional qualities. Therefore, you can safely implement the planned project - of course, well thought out.

Getting to know a general in a dream is a warning about the imminent loss of a close friend.

Sometimes a dream about a general is interpreted as follows: a dreamer is a respected person whose financial situation leaves much to be desired. Therefore, despite the fact that many listen to him, he is forced to obey himself.

Did you have a dream if you were given such a title? Dream Interpretation reports: you will get confused in many domestic problems. If someone you know received the rank of the general, you will receive an unpleasant message, due to which your circumstances will worsen.

Why do you dream of talking to the general? The dream interpretation explains: in reality, the sleeping person will receive the support of a powerful patron - a high-ranking person. Often this happens if in a dream someone from the family, relatives appeared in the role of general.

Didn’t you just talk, but argue with him? Desires, intentions of the dreamer exceed those possibilities which he possesses, therefore it is necessary to perceive everything more real. Otherwise, you can overestimate your strength and crash.

    For the correct interpretation of a dream, the details are important:
  • to see a general in a dream means the achievement of fame, glory;
  • he is in uniform with red stripes - the dreamer will feel shame;
  • talking to him - there will be an opportunity to strengthen your position;
  • Seeing yourself as a general requires purposefulness to achieve a goal.

Also to see oneself in the rank of general means: the important task will be entrusted to the dreamer. When in a dream, one of the friends appeared in the uniform of a general, things would quickly get worse.

Did you dream of a child in the uniform of a general? The dream interpretation warns: various obstacles will begin to appear, interfering with the dreamer's capabilities. However, he will still triumph over the situation and successfully overcome all problems.

Why dream that you have reached the rank of a general? This means that your ambitiousness often turns out to be an obstacle in achieving your goal. You do not recognize the intermediate steps along this path, you want to achieve everything at once, without stopping at the small issues.

Sergii Haranenko
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