Child Kidnapped Dream Meaning

Children seen in a dream testify to the boundless joy of the dreamer, his success in reality, according to dream books. Any incidents, whether positive or negative, that have occurred with a dreamed girl or boy indicate urgent issues that require your participation. Even a dream of someone having stolen a child is a clue about losing control in an issue that matters to you.

Loff's dream book, giving an explanation of a dream about the abduction of a girl or boy, expresses extreme concern. So, the interpreter relates the dreamed vision with the inconsistency of the dreamer to correctly assess the situation that actually arose.

For a woman, to see that a child was kidnapped and killed in a dream means the collapse of family relationships; but to be in the role of the kidnapper of a boy or girl in a dream, portends a happy union for the lady-dreamer.

Interpreting a dream of gypsies stealing children, the French dream book recalls that these characters in a dream promise deceit, slander and meanness. A girl seeing a gypsy man steal her child means that in real time the dreamer will have a pleasant boyfriend whose intentions will be far from gentlemanly. If you dreamed that gypsies not only kidnapped, but also killed the baby, this means that in reality your loved ones are in serious danger - they can become victims of scammers.

For a young lady, the interpretation of a dream about abduction of children indicates insecurity in her abilities and attractiveness. Miller advises to sort out your thoughts quickly, otherwise a depressed state will settle in your house for a long time. Seeing your male partner as a kidnapper foreshadows peace and joy in family life.

The 21st century dream book, explaining a story of a child kidnapped with a pram, recalls that the baby stroller symbolizes the devotion and loyalty of friends, and if it was stolen together with the baby in a dream, then friendship with someone close to you is at risk.

Seeing that a child has been stolen from you and they are demanding ransom for him - your minor flaw will turn out to be big problems that will take a lot of mental strength and nerves in reality.

A dream in which a young lady had a dream about a kidnapped someone else’s baby, according to the Modern universal dream book, warns of the anger and gossip of others. Your own offspring found or rescued, promises honor and respect.

    Interpreting the plot of the abduction, the dream book advises paying attention to the condition and appearance of the baby. So:
  • Dirty, tattered kid predicts misunderstandings in the family;
  • Clean and calm child – predicts luck in your endeavors;
  • Crying baby predicts troubles and worries;
  • Sick child – warns about consequences of wrong choice.
Sergii Haranenko
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