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Amber Dream Meaning

Seeing amber on the seashore in a dream is a symbol of some acquisition, not necessarily material, it can be related with children or some kind of joy.

If an old person found amber in his dream, this is a symbol of long life. For young people this plot predicts meeting your second half.

If you received amber beads or a necklace as a gift, this means that your family life will be long and happy. You will have a caring husband and obedient children.

A pendant with amber promises a loving and wealthy husband for young women. An amber ring is a symbol of coming wedding.

To see a picture made by a large pieces of amber means you will have a quiet gatherings in a pleasant company, the Moon dreambook promises.

To collect scattered beads in a dream is a sign of minor failures and troubles.

To break amber jewelry given by a beloved person is a warning about some danger or accident.

Sergii Haranenko

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