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Emerald Dream Meaning

If you had a dream about emerald this means that a number of pleasant events will take place in your life soon.

If you saw an emerald in a dream, Miller interprets this symbol as a very favorable sign: suddenly the dreamer will become the owner of a huge inheritance. But don’t be too happy in advance, probably you will have to fight for the possession of treasure.

If someone gave you precious stones as a gift, you should remember who it was: this person will be the source of your joy in real life.

Uncut naturally looking stones represent the best time for significant changes.

If a man in love sees his partner wearing emeralds, this is an unfavorable sign: mostly probable she will prefer a more successful and rich man. If a man was wearing emeralds himself, such plot predicts romantic acquaintance. Dr. Freud interprets emeralds seen in a dream as harmonious relations and their renewal.

If you see emerald earrings in your dream, this piece of jewelry in general represents a couple. So, if you have a partner, this image is a promise of cloudless life, if you are lonely, you will finally find a soul mate. If you lost emerald earrings in a dream, this means you will have to put a lot of efforts in order to save your relations. There is additional interpretation of emerald earrings seen in a dream: this symbol promises interesting work and good news.

If a young girl sees a dream about emerald ring, she should take care of her reputation. Besides that a golden ring predicts a soon and happy marriage. Giving a beloved girl a ring in a dream means you are expecting mutuality from her.

If someone gave you an emerald ring as a present, you can be expecting joyful meeting with your friends. Buying emeralds is not a very favorable sign: this promises an unfortunate deal and problems in business.

If you saw an emerald from afar, this image promises luck to another person, usually a relative. Finding jewelry is a symbol of good news and unexpected financial profit.

A dream about antique pendants or necklaces with emeralds, covered with dust, can be seen as a symbol of true knowledge.

Sergii Haranenko

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