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Anecdote Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you are dreaming about humor? A dream in which you tell a joke or anecdote to someone indicates your inner instability and frivolity in business.

According to the Dreambook of an interpreter, telling an anecdote is a sign of a joyful event; to listen to a joke in a dream predicts deception; laughing at an anecdote is a symbol of well-deserved reproach.

What is the meaning of anecdotes in a dream, according to Miller? To dream that you are telling an anecdote means that you prefer a cheerful dissolute company to an intellectual one and that your affairs will be as unstable as you are.

For a young woman, listening to jokes means that she will find herself in a very cheerful company of people looking for entertainment.

The Ukrainian dreambook thinks that telling a joke in a dream is a symbol of slander.

As for the Psychotherapy dreambook, telling jokes means surprise; listening to anecdotes means joy.

According to an American dreambook, an anecdote in a dream symbolizes mistakes and ridiculous incidents. After such a dream, try to avoid unverified information and advice from the outside.

Seeing yourself telling jokes in a dream often means that in reality you are about to commit some reckless act fraught with trouble.

If the joke is vulgar: soon you run the risk of getting into a very delicate position, such dreams urge you to be more serious and not take rash steps.

The Family dreambook gives the following explanation: hearing an anecdote in a dream means that soon some incident will happen to you that will surprise and delight you. Sometimes such a dream promises you success in society or pleasant pastime in the company of close friends.

If in a dream you told someone a funny anecdote, this means you will soon become a participant in an unusual action and the cause of a big scandal in society, the details of which will be passed on by word of mouth.

Sergii Haranenko

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