Being Happy Dream Meaning

Psychologists say that dreams are a reflection of our emotional state. If you were happy in a dream, this may mean that pleasant events occur in your life, which you are glad to experience in a dream as well. This may be personal or professional growth, or the recent love and friendship.

The other version is quite the opposite. Happiness in a dream means that our body is so tired of the troubles and worries that have fallen on you, that it receives pleasure and happiness in a dream.

A dream about being happy tells us that you are not ready to accept the reality around you. You may experience certain fears and anxiety in real life. But whatever your position in reality is, it is useful to be happy in a dream, because at this time the body produces serotonin (it is also called the “hormone of happiness”).

According to other beliefs, we receive certain signs in a dream that warn us about further events of the future. For example, according to the People's dream book - to be happy in a dream means that soon a series of unpleasant events will fall on your head, but you will get out of the situation with dignity.

Tsvetkov considers it a bad sign to be happy in a dream. Miller takes happiness in a dream as a very positive symbol. And it means that all your wildest dreams will come true soon and the life will be colored with positive. Also, if in a dream you were seeking happiness, then in reality you will soon commit an act of which you will regret.

Freud thinks that being happy in a dream is a sign that your sexuality brings you satisfaction. If love gives you the state of happiness in a dream, then happy time is waiting for you in reality.

Sergii Haranenko
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