Circus Dream Meaning

A circus is a place that children and even adults cannot refuse to visit. The spirit of holiday and good mood always reigns here, and cheerful clowns and a strict entertainer rule everything. But why does one dream of visiting a circus? The dream interpretation will give a decryption of everything that happened in a dream.

What does it mean when you dream of circus? Some interpreters consider a circus in a dream a sign of thoughtless acts and criticism from others. Besides that, this image seen in a dream predicts joyful pastime.

Dream interpretation gives the dreams of circus not the most positive explanations. So seeing it in a dream means that everything in your life moves in a circle and very often the same situations are repeated regardless of the circumstances.

The only advice that a dream book can give is to reconsider your attitude to certain things and your own behavior. However, one should not take such an interpretation so categorically, because there are always details that will help you find out exactly what the circus performance and its participants represent in a dream.

In general, according to the dream book, being in a circus in a dream is not a good sign. This indicates careless and even irresponsible attitude of the dreamer to his life.

But in a dream, being a circus director is somewhat better. You are probably capable of managing a certain process well. Did you have a dream that you bought tickets for a circus performance at night? In the real world, you will gain admission to some business.

The dream book advises not to forget that the circus is an artificial invention decorated with tinsel and skillful play of artists. Therefore, it is good to dream about circus for the reason that you can get a warning about someone’s falsity and future deception in advance.

This is especially true of visions in which magicians or clowns were present. In this light, it’s quite easy to determine why one dreams of being a circus performer himself. Most likely, subconsciously you understand that you are deceiving someone and even yourself.

To understand what the circus represents in dreams, defining a specific place in a dream will also help. If you dreamed of a circus arena, in which gymnasts perform complex tricks, this means you can count on promotion.

But being a circus performer in an empty arena is a sign that you are being drawn into someone else's game. Moreover, if you dreamed that you were in the role of a clown or a trainer of circus animals in the circus arena, this means that in reality you will become the subject of slander and evil gossip.

An interesting interpretation of a dream is given by Miller's dream book. He believes that performing in a circus in a dream is a symbol of a real performance. Moreover, its success can be judged by the reaction of the audience. If you had a dream in which you are a circus performer and perform a particularly dangerous act, this plot means you should take care of your safety in reality.

At the same time, Vanga's dream book believes that the circus dome has special symbolism in a dream. Like the church, it is a symbol of truth and knowledge, unfortunately, in a particular case, exclusively false. Therefore, it’s very easy to guess about the meaning of flying under the big top in a dream. This dream means you worship false ideals and make impossible plans.

During deciphering, the dreambooks recommend paying special attention to circus animals. Traditionally, wild animals appear in the arena and their appearance should be interpreted in accordance with the main meaning. So the tiger can represent acquaintance in a dream, the elephant symbolizes well-being, and lions are a sign of danger. The obvious negative is somewhat mitigated by the training.

Seeing a harlequin in a dream is a sign of momentary sorrow, swindle and deceit. Seeing yourself in a harlequin costume is a sign of ridicule and insult.

What were you doing in the circus in a dream?

  • buying tickets - means participating in an interesting project;
  • being behind the scenes - predicts disappointment and chagrin;
  • being a spectator in the circus means moral pressure from the boss;
  • flying under the big top - means advancing up the career ladder;
  • working at the circus - means mastering a new profession.

Top-5 negative circus dream meanings

  • A traveling circus in dreams is a sign of a serious mistake.
  • Flea circus - is a symbol of difficult memories.
  • Old circus - warns of worsening living conditions.
  • Running away from the circus means negative changes.
  • Living in it means insult from a stranger.

Top-5 positive dreams about circus

  • A circus on the water in a dream speaks of an interesting journey.
  • Circus on ice - is a sign of longevity.
  • Laughing at the circus means the emergence of a creative idea.
  • Crying in it means support from relatives.
  • Seeing that the circus has arrived is a sign of fun pastime.

Circus symbolism in dreams

What does a circus symbolize in a dream? Dreaming of a circus may simply reflect a desire for entertainment, joy, and fun in your life. It could be a symbol of seeking enjoyment and a break from routine.

The circus often features acrobats and performers engaged in balancing acts. This could symbolize the need for balance in your life, whether it's in relationships, work, or personal pursuits.

The colorful and lively atmosphere of a circus may represent a desire for self-expression. It could indicate a need to embrace your emotions and share your feelings more openly.

Circus acts often involve daring feats and risks. Dreaming of a circus may suggest a willingness to take risks or explore new opportunities in your waking life.

Circuses showcase a variety of talents. Your dream might be encouraging you to recognize and embrace your own unique skills and talents.

Circuses bring people together for a shared experience. In your dream, it might represent a desire for social connection, community, or a sense of belonging.

Circuses are known for illusions and tricks. If the dream has a mysterious or deceptive atmosphere, it could suggest a need to be cautious of illusions or false appearances in your waking life.

Sergii Haranenko
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