Being Mocked Dream Meaning

What does it mean if someone is making fun of you in a dream? If you dream that somebody laughs at you, this plot warns of health problems or quarrels. Besides that, such a dream predicts getting rid of a bad habit.

If your ex is making fun of you in a dream, this plot predicts an unpleasant meeting.

Watching in a dream that you are being mocked predicts tears.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about someone laughing at you?

  • If you dream that you are being laughed at loudly, this means a public insult.
  • If someone mocks you bitingly - aggression from friends.
  • Enduring ridicule - loneliness.
  • Answering the ridicule against you - betrayal.
  • Crying because people are making fun of you - difficulties in communicating with family members.

What are the Top-5 positive being laughed at dream meanings?

  • If you dreamed that they were laughing at your appearance, this means wealth.
  • If they are making fun of your surname - good news.
  • Seeing how the enemy laughs at you means reconciling with him.
  • If a child mocks you in a dream, this means fun pastime.
  • If the deceased person laughs at you - increasing self-esteem.

According to Miller's dream book, such a dream symbolizes a period of failure.

    Other interpretations by Miller:
  • if you dream that friends are laughing at you, this means making an important decision;
  • parents mocking you - receiving valuable advice;
  • enemies making fun of you - financial well-being;
  • unknown people laughing at you - the appearance of obstacles on the way to the goal.

According to Freud's dream book, being laughed at in a dream promises receiving a declaration of love.

    Additional dream meaning by Freud:
  • listening to ridicule - losing reputation (for men);
  • ignoring mocking - success in the intimate sphere;
  • seeing how one person laughs at you - the disclosure of personal secrets (for women);
  • many people making fun of you - career growth.

According to Vanga's dream book, a dream when someone is mocking you predicts an exacerbation of a chronic disease.

    Additional dream meanings by Vanga:
  • if you dreamed that they were laughing at you on the street, this means various troubles;
  • being mocked at school - a nervous breakdown;
  • someone is making fun of you at work - a change of profession;
  • they laugh at you in the circus - a sad event.
Sergii Haranenko
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