Arguing Dream Meaning

The dream interpreters think that if you had an argument with somebody in your dream, this shows that there is no joy in your life and in your soul. But this statement is correct if the arguing was not just a dispute, but a scandal. Otherwise such dreams can symbolize hidden talents. According to Miller, if you are arguing with someone because of complete nonsense, this dream means worsening of your health. If your opponent is winning in your dream you should be ready for slander and unfair judgment from society. The other thing is when you are having a dispute and making a bet with someone. This dream indicates that you are burying your talents with your own hands and have no wish to develop them.

    In order to understand the interpretation of dreams about arguing you should pay attention to your opponent:
  • arguing and quarreling with your teacher – you will have new hobbies;
  • arguments with your relatives – you can expect problems in the family;
  • if you were proving your boss that you were right – you will get a profitable offer;
  • having an argument with your boyfriend in a dream – shows your spiritual closeness with him.

A Moon dreambook gives an explanation of arguments with a man about work issues: you do not trust this person much in reality. It seems to you that he is not as honest with you as he is trying to show and can set you up any moment. If it was not you arguing with a man but your colleague, the dreams interpreters are telling you to stop suspecting everybody, there is no reason for this.

A dream about scientific dispute is a symbol that you have a number of hidden talents, but are not showing them because of your fear to be not understood. This is especially correct if you were arguing with a man. If you were arguing with a woman about who will be the first to reach the goal, this dream indicates that you are too stubborn and do not want to admit it. The same bet with a man is a symbol of getting knowledge. A bet with a woman on money promises unnecessary money waste. You do not want to listen to other people’s advice because you think you are quite a qualified specialist. It is a favorable sign if you won in argument with a woman – your stubbornness will help you in real life.

If your dream was about arguing with your spouse or beloved man, this is an indication that you are a little burdened by their involvement in your life. Arguing with your sister’s man shows that your relations with your sibling are not very smooth. If you want to improve your relations, you should make the first move. If you were having arguments with your mother-in-law, be prepared that your mother will not accept the man you have chosen.

Arguing with someone who is already dead reflects that you are not being in harmony with yourself and your mind in case your dispute was with a non-existing person. Other dreambooks advise revising your plans for future after arguments with a deceased person. Arguing with yourself means you know you are wrong but do not want to admit it. Seeing somebody else argue with himself is a sign of boredom.

Sergii Haranenko
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