Yellow Leaves Dream Meaning

If you happened to see yellow leaves and hear them whisper, this usually brings nostalgic sadness. But the image may also bear the signs of danger or luck.

According to Miller, seeing dry yellow leaves on the trees represents deceived hopes and despair. And the dreamer’s anxiety is justified – sad events will follow after such dream. Only if the leaves were lying as a carpet under your legs and you heard them rustling, you can expect bright events in future.

If a bride-to-be sees a dream about yellow leaves on the eve of the wedding, this is a negative symbol stating that either her partner will cheat on her, not show on the wedding, or physically will not be able to be present at the ceremony.

Leaves in a dream can be a symbol of income and everything that brings extra money. If the leaves were golden, the person will have a reason to have emotional arousal. Gathering a romantic autumn bouquet is a plot that predicts success in business and strong health.

If an unmarried woman sees a dream where she walks alone among dried out yellow leaves, this image means she will be walking through her life alone without a partner, giving up the idea of romantic attachments. If a person sees a dream about beautiful golden autumn, he should let go the offences and restore the relations with the person who hurt him.

If a dreamer sees dried leaves on a broken branch, he will get disappointed in his talents; this can also symbolizes loss. If you were gathering a faded small bouquet, this dream means you will lose inspiration at the end of big project. In reality this is just a result of you being tired; if you have a good rest, you will feel the energy flow again.

If you see autumn and trees without leaves at all, the dreambooks recommend visiting a doctor – you may have health problems.

Hearing leaves rustling on the trees is a symbol that your business will be developing and improving. Maple leaves’ rustling in a dream predicts money flow from your project.

Sweeping fallen yellow leaves in a dream means you will get free from the burden of hard memories.

Sergii Haranenko
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