Badger Dream Meaning

The dream interpretation calls a badger a precursor to a successful course of affairs, excellent health and good luck after difficulties. But sometimes this symbol in a dream promises a meeting with an unpleasant person, deceit of acquaintances, great troubles.

This animal symbolizes wisdom, insight. The dream suggests: you have enough information about an event or circumstance to come to the right conclusions. The dream of a badger means: the dreamer's affairs will bring a stable good income with the right approach. You will be able to travel.

Seeing a badger in a dream predicts luck in business. There will be a great period to fulfill your ideas. But it is necessary to take into account that only those plans that are thought out to the smallest details will be successful.

If a badger bites you in a dream, the interpreters consider it a good sign promising great health for a long time. However, it is worth getting rid of bad habits in order to prolong the period of excellent well-being longer.

If the badger was aggressive and bit you with anger, the dreambooks consider it a sign that your conscience is not quite clear. You suffer because you hurt someone with your cunning.

Suddenly meeting a badger in a dream promises a meeting with an unpleasant person who will annoy the dreamer, interfere with him, bring chaos into affairs.

A badger tossing senselessly around is a warning against the cunning of people whom the dreamer considers his friends. Do not trust all your secrets to anyone.

If you were trying to catch a badger in a dream, this plot is a warning about tensed relations between the dreamer and his management. If you managed to catch the animal, this means you will have enough tact and patience to find compromise with your boss. The dream is also encouraging: the difficulties will soon be finished and good luck awaits the sleeper. There comes a time of success and luck that will bring joy.

Seeing two or more clean and happy badgers in your dream is a symbol promising great financial welfare.

Killing a badger in a dream is a sign of black stripe coming. There will be problems in relations, troubles at work.

Dream about eating badger meat is a promise of domestic turmoil, minor injuries. You should be careful in order to protect yourself.

    The dreambook gives short interpretations for different plots:
  • Hunting a badger – great bothers;
  • Following a badger – someone close to you will betray you in the most inappropriate moment;
  • Catching a badger – your careless actions will be the reason for troubles;
  • Petting or playing with it – successful beginnings of your endeavors;
  • Becoming a badger in a dream – you should take care of your dwelling;
  • Watching a badger in his natural environment – you will have a secured life.
Sergii Haranenko
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