Guinea Pig Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about guinea pigs? A sweet and harmless creature, which in reality can only bother with loud chirping, in a dream becomes the embodiment of failure. What problems will the guinea pig bring to the dreamer? Some dreambooks think that guinea pigs symbolize promotion and profit. This image also predicts successful overcoming of difficulties on the way to your goals.

Seeing a pet guinea pig.

According to Miller's dream book, if a person saw a guinea pig in a dream, he lacks charisma. He does not know how to interest people, and as a result of this, it is not difficult for his competitors to squeeze him out on the market. Sadly, friends often neglect his interests for their own good.

The Big dream book warns against passivity, which ill-wishers will rush to take advantage of. If you dreamed about a cheerful guinea pig, this means a small but offensive nuisance lies in wait due to the actions of a well-known person. The interpretation of the dream in Hasse's dream book predicts happy moments spent with the family.

If you saw a bald guinea pig in a dream, this is a warning about critic from your boss. If the rodent was huge, this dream promises help from a beloved person.


Various scenarios are possible, which completely change the interpretation of the dream. If you dreamed of stroking a guinea pig – this means you will receive decent wage for your work. Why do you dream of playing with a guinea pig? This dream is a symbol of upcoming joyful events; an invitation to a celebration is not excluded.

To feed this animal in a dream is regarded as helplessness in front of competitors, you are ready to give up positions without a fight, resign yourself to the consequences of defeat. Also, interpreters prophesy to the one who fed the guinea pig that soon there will be those in need of his help. In selfless support, a person will not count on any gratitude, but the recognition of others will be pleasant.

Why dream of buying a guinea pig pet? This is an event that will be followed by success in work that will bring pleasure and sufficient income. Giving a guinea pig to friends or strangers in a dream predicts the emergence of new friends or useful acquaintances.

If you dreamed that a guinea pig bit a person, this speaks of his loneliness, lack of friends. According to another interpretation of the dream, in reality friends will let him down if the rodent bit him unexpectedly.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that killing a guinea pig is an auspicious sign - dream books often interpret dreams "on the opposite." Enemies will not be able to harm you, no matter what they do. If you dreamed of putting it in a cage - soon you will have to get to know your enemy.

If a guinea pig was giving birth in your dream, this is a symbol of bad luck. If it dies, this plot predicts a difficult life test.

Eating a guinea pig in a dream is a sign of committing a mean deed.

Catching a pregnant guinea pig in a dream promises a happy family life. Holding the animal in your hands predicts having an admirer in your life.


A guinea pig is an animal that feels great at home, in a cage. They only take it on a leash for a walk, for its own safety. Why is a guinea pig appearing in one’s dream? Ivanov's dream book claims that this is a useful reminder: the desire for comfort deprives of freedom.

If you dreamed how you were walking a guinea pig on a leash, this means you will be able to influence your loved ones. Why do you dream that you did not close it in a cage and it ran away? Dream Interpretations warn against carelessness: someone is trying to harm you at work. If a non-working person saw this, it's time to show restraint in order to adequately survive empty gossip and slander.

Colors of the guinea pig.

Light, without spots, fluffy fur foreshadows well-being in family affairs. White guinea pig symbolizes good news.

A black guinea pig with white spots is a sure sign that you can expect anything from your friends. Redhead rodent personifies a devoted friend. Multi-colored, with black, red and white spots - means that unexpected but pleasant events lie ahead.

Sergii Haranenko
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