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Skunk Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you see a skunk in your dream? The dream in which you saw a skunk portends a meeting with a person from your past life. It could be a date with your first love.

A sleeping skunk is a dream predicting that your first rendezvous could be the beginning of a new relationship. If in your dream an animal tried to attack you, this means that this will be the last meeting in your relationship.

According to Denise Lynn, a skunk is a symbol of something stinky. Are there things in your life that just smell bad? Being near a skunk makes it difficult for everyone to breathe - did you think that a heavy odor can come from your body that others notice, but do not tell you? A skunk walks proudly knowing that although it is small, it has a powerful defense mechanism - this symbol can tell you: "Keep your head up, you have an inner strength that will always protect you."

According to the Dreambook 2012, a skunk in a dream is a reflection of a situation perceived as "foul smelling". It is a reminder of the inner protective power.

Catching a skunk in a dream – means you are chasing luck. If a skunk sprayed on you – this means gossip will be spread about you. Such a dream predicts dishonor or deception of a loved one for a girl.

Seeing skunk fur in a dream is a sign that you will miss big opportunities.

According to the American dreambook, dreaming about a skunk is a sign of public condemnation in waking life.

According to Modern dreambook, if a skunk has bitten you, it is a sign of prosperity, a favorable turn of events, a money win or luck in gambling.

If you managed to catch a skunk, all your plans will be fulfilled without much effort on your part, and even despite the attempts of enemies to interfere with you. If you haven't caught a skunk, bad luck will haunt you for a while. Do not make grandiose plans: there will be obstacles in the way of realizing your plans.

Sergii Haranenko

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