Strawberry Dream Meaning

A dream in which you see juicy strawberry predicts dizzying love relationships and flood of feelings. Strawberry jam is a symbol of passionate love affair.

According to the dreambooks, if you see rotten or dried strawberries in a dream, love fever will sweep you in reality, which will lead to disgusting consequences - abortion, divorce or venereal disease.

If you dreamed about eating strawberries with pleasure, you will experience sexual pleasure in reality. Therefore, if the berry is juicy and sweet, this means you are looking forward for sexual intimacy, and if the berry is sour or spoiled, the coldness of your partner is waiting for you.

Eating strawberries without restrictions predicts pleasant pastime with a young person of the opposite sex; gathering it means falling in love without mutual sympathy.

If the strawberries were sweet and ripe, this means every day you will look forward to meeting a new acquaintance. If, on the contrary, the strawberries turn out to be sour or overripe, you will lose your interest in this person very quickly.

According to the Gypsy’s dreambook, a night plot about strawberry predicts unexpected wealth in your house and success in business.

Eating strawberry in a dream also means reciprocity in love relationships, and trading it to well-being. The dream in which you grow strawberries means that you quite often surprise others with the phenomenality of your views in reality.

Eating strawberries in a dream can also be a symbol of the coming acquaintance with a person with whom you will have serious relations.

A dream in which you are trying to feed someone with strawberries promises an admirer who will idolize you and support you in everything in reality.

The interpretation of dreams about strawberries can also depend on the month when you see the plot. January-April: eating strawberries means that your days are passing by very fast, you do not notice time’ all your days look alike. May-August: gathering or eating berries is s symbol of some joy waiting for you. September-December: seeing bushes full of strawberries in a dream predicts big harvest of these berries.

Strawberry is a precursor of tempting prospects and pleasures, a sign that you will certainly achieve your goals.

The unripe berry is a symbol of dissatisfaction with your sexual partner, if you eat strawberries straight from the garden bed, it means that you’ll have a great time in the arms of your loved one.

A dream in which you make hot strawberry drink means that in reality you will stand in the way of those who bring you many troubles and problems.

Seeing a strawberry field in a dream means that small pleasures will distract you from really important things.

Miller’s dreambook states that a dream about strawberry promises having a good time with your partner. If the berries turned to be unripe, you will be disappointed in your beloved.

A dream about making strawberry jam predicts contact with unpleasant people. Buying strawberries in a dream means putting your obligations to another person’s shoulders.

Eating strawberry jam means meeting a hypocritical person. Your chosen one will be by no means an ideal lover.

If you plant and care for berries in a dream, in reality you will be engaged in uninteresting and boring work.

In general dreams about strawberry foreshadow positive changes in life, romantic hobbies, new acquaintances and sexual experiments.

Top-5 negative strawberry dream meanings

  • Dirty strawberries in a dream warn of losing your reputation.
  • Crushed strawberries - predict losses through your own fault.
  • Weeding strawberries means moral and physical fatigue.
  • Sorting it through means doubting the correctness of the decision made.
  • Seeing someone throw away this berry is a sign of large debts.

Top-5 positive dreams about strawberries

  • Dreaming of strawberries on the counter means signing a lucrative contract.
  • Strawberries in the basket - to the implementation of your plan.
  • Picking strawberries means organizing a profitable business.
  • Decorating a cake with strawberries means improving your standard of living.
  • If you dreamed that you were treated to strawberries, this means an invitation to a date.

Dreaming of strawberries symbolism

Strawberries are often associated with sensuality and pleasure. Dreaming about strawberries may be a reflection of your desires and passions in waking life. It could be a symbol of your longing for pleasure and enjoyment.

Strawberries are sometimes considered a romantic fruit, associated with love and desire. Your dream may be related to your feelings about romance, relationships, or the desire for intimacy.

Strawberries are also a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Dreaming of them could signify a desire for success, wealth, or a sense of having plenty in your life.

Strawberries are sweet and delicious, so dreaming of them could be related to your desire for something enjoyable and satisfying in your life.

In some cases, strawberries might symbolize new beginnings or fresh starts. This could be associated with a desire for a new chapter in your life.

Strawberries are known for their health benefits. Dreaming about them may represent your concerns or desires related to health and well-being.

Sergii Haranenko
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