Buried Treasure Dream Meaning

If you saw buried treasure in a dream - be sure that this is a favorable sign and you will succeed soon, thanks to your luck.

The dream in which you dig out a cache of coins is a good symbol that material difficulties will end soon and the most hidden desires will be fulfilled. This is a sign of a possible meeting with wealthy people who will assist you.

If you dreamed that you thanked the earth for finding the treasure, this means you will find great success in your everyday life, but for it you will not thank the one who helped you. The buried treasure symbolizes precious memories and exceptional ideas.

According to the Eastern female dream book, if the lady-dreamer found hidden jewelry, this image promises health, wealth and the realization of what was planned.

The opposite interpretation of such a dream is given by the Folk dream book. According to ancient beliefs, the treasure is a message of evil spirits in order to corrupt the enslavement of the human soul. Therefore, if you dream that you have found it, it means great joy, which will be replaced by sadness.

According to the Small dream book by Velesov, looking for a treasure is a harbinger of the fact that your dreams are not destined to come true, it is a waste of efforts. Finding a coin cache portends fraud, disappointment, and resentment. The Slavonic dream book gives the same interpretation - to find hidden jewelry – this is a symbol of bad luck.

According to Miller, searching for hidden treasure in a dream - you can expect unnecessary vain efforts. But to find treasure in a dream predicts a joyful event. If you dreamed that you were digging a hole where you expect to find it, but a dead person is there, this is a sign that the plans were not destined to come true.

If the find is not of great value, then this will not affect real life in any way. On the contrary, to see in a dream a treasure with jewels and gold promises many problems in reality and a minimum of profit.

If you dreamed that you yourself were burring a chest of gold, this image promises initiation into a secret that has not been such for you for a long time. According to another version, such a dream is a symbol of the fact that in reality you “bury” your talent, and you should expect disappointment from the impossibility of self-expression.

If you dreamed that someone pointed out the place where the cache of money was supposed to be, it is a harbinger of the fact that there will be a person who offers a seemingly profitable business in real life. But in reality you will only incur losses from such a scam.

Searching for treasure throughout your dream – is a sign that you need to make a lot of efforts to achieve financial well-being.

If you dreamed that someone else had found the treasure, this portends that one of the relatives will need financial assistance soon, which you will have to provide.

If the one who found a treasure with coins in a dream is a student, this promises the dreamer the acquisition of new knowledge, if he is a merchant in real life, then this is a sign of success in commerce, and if he is an official, he will gain even more power.

Interpreting why one dreams that the treasure he found was stolen, the interpreters agree that it promises financial losses through the fault of strangers. Therefore, to see a treasure in a dream is a good sign, it is only important to keep it.

When people search for treasures in a dream, this can be explained by searches in reality for the meaning of life, relationships or work, or creative anxiety torments you. The received cash treasure indicates that the dreamer will soon discover hidden talents and opportunities. It also promises to receive something important and long-awaited.

Sergii Haranenko
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