Buying Bananas Dream Meaning

Buying bananas in a dream often means conflict situations, failure in business or love. However, the dreambooks also give favorable interpretations: success due to oratorical ability, a pleasant romantic meeting.

Buying bananas in a dream could represent a sense of resourcefulness and prudence in your waking life. It may symbolize your ability to make wise choices, manage resources efficiently, or be financially responsible. It could also indicate a need to be practical, frugal, or wise in your decision-making or spending habits.

Buying bananas in a dream could symbolize a need for preparation and planning in your waking life. It may represent a desire to be organized, proactive, or prepared for future events or challenges. It could also indicate a need to think ahead, make arrangements, or set goals for yourself. It could also indicate a willingness to take risks, try new things, or step out of your comfort zone.

    If you remember the details of the plot, it will be easier to understand the meaning of the dream:
  • If you bought ripe bananas - punishment for rash acts;
  • Buying green bananas - work on a new, risky project;
  • Buying rotten bananas - participation rather dubious scams not on your own will;
  • If you saw yourself selling bananas - doing something meaningless, useless.

Buying rotten bananas in a dream also means that all your work and efforts are in vain, you should better change the sphere of your work. Mostly probable your friends or business partners will betray you.

According to Miller, buying bananas and eating them in a dream means that your business will stop and you will have additional problems and burden.

If a woman who is cheating on her husband in real life saw a dream about buying a bunch of bananas, this is fraught with disclosure, as a result of which serious changes will occur in her life. Sometimes such dream predicts a new love affair that will be unsuccessful: her new partner will disappoint her.

If a young girl saw herself buying unripe bananas, this plot is telling her not to hurry up trying everything from adult life because this can end up with tragedy.

Some dreambooks recommend not making a decision on your own after a dream about bananas purchase; you should listen to the opinion of people close to you, they may have more information.

If a man buys bananas in his dream, this can indicate his wish for leadership or predict a conflict. If he was eating fruits that he bought, it is a sign of financial loss and unsuccessful beginnings.

Buying bananas and bringing them home means having to deal with an unserious person. If they were ripe, you can turn to be in the very center of some conflict. Some of your acquaintances may turn away from you after this.

If a woman bought and ate a ripe banana in a dream, this is a sign that she already has a new sexual partner on her mind.

If a woman bought bananas right near banana tree, she will have a very interesting sexual partner.

Sometimes, dreams may contain symbolic representations that are unique to the dreamer's personal associations and experiences. For example, if bananas hold a special significance for you personally, such as being associated with a specific memory, person, or event, then buying bananas in a dream could represent that significance or association.

Sergii Haranenko
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