Seeing A Pineapple In A Dream

Seeing such an exotic plant as a pineapple in your dream is a favourable sign that promises luck, amusement and having a good time. Dreambooks interpret pineapple trees with big nice fruits as a symbol of success and even triumph. The closer the tree was to you in the dream the closes is the success in real life. One should pay attention that in reality pineapples grow not on trees but on the bushes, so if the trees that you saw were too high, this can mean false hope and your luck will not bring you satisfaction.

Miller’s dreambook considers that even just seeing the pineapple on the table is a good sign symbolizing easy solving of current issues.

If your dream was about harvesting pineapples by you personally then you can expect success soon. Cutting pineapples in your dream is not a very good sign, it usually leads to some kind of disagreement.

A dream about many nice pineapple fruits suggests that you will soon be invited to a wedding or other big party where you can meet your future wife/husband. This dream promises well-being, strong health and a long life. Vanga’s dreambook says that pineapples guarantee safe journey and good life in the new place to the person who decided to relocate.

Dreams about eating pineapples promise all kinds of pleasure, from romantic date to valuable purchase. Eating a very sweet pineapple is a promise of sex with a hot girl; for businessmen it means good bargain. Sometimes eating pineapples in your dream can means that you are using someone else’s ideas for your enrichment in real life. If the pineapple was too sweet in your dream, deceit and hypocrisy can be expected in real life. If it was an ordinary pineapple but a little sour you will meet a new person and be very surprised by with this acquaintance. If the fruit was very sour you should be prepared for some big disappointment. Tasty pineapple jam guarantees good news and interesting meetings.

Sergii Haranenko
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