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Shopping Dream Meaning

If you are not a keen fan of shopping in real life, visiting shops in your dream is a sign that you are trying to understand whether the current state of affairs suits you or not.

According to Miller’s dreambook, shopping is a hint about what awaits you in business. If you see that the shelves are crammed with goods in a dream, this means success will come. But half-empty shop windows mean failure and all sorts of difficulties.

A huge shop room in a dream signals that you have taken on unbearable duties. And here, the small and cramped room seen in a dream is a sign of dissatisfaction.

If a man had a dream that he was wondering shopping for a long time and bought women’s gloves, this symbol means he should be more attentive to his partner, otherwise he may lose her.

The Wanderer’s dreambook has his own interpretation of shopping in clothes shops in a dream. Such plot means the dreamer has taste problems which he is aware of. You do not know how to combine outfits and accessories, but you really want to learn.

Wandering around the shops trying to choose something for the new image, but not buying anything means that if you do not designate goals, all hopes will be in vain, the English dreambook predicts.

The dreambooks give interpretations of shopping in the food store. The Eastern dreambook gives the following interpretations.

If you had a dream that you were making a purchase in the dairy department, this is a sign that you will be full of emotions that have a love coloring. Buying some bread products in the shop means you can expect profit, and the more bakery products you have bought, the higher the income will be.

Buying something in a butcher shop predicts a disease. But a vegetable shop symbolizes good health, but only if the products in it were fresh, the dreambook state.

Dreams about shopping and looking for a new electric kettle predict household chores; to look for a refrigerator is a signal that if you do not begin to negotiate with your spouse, prolonged scandals and cooling await you, preacher Loff’s dreambook predicts.

If you bought the necessary item but it turned to be with some defects, such plot personifies your unpreparedness for difficulties. You take all the failures too close, it can lead to a nervous breakdown and even depression.

    The dreambooks also give interpretations of wandering in some other shops:
  • to be in the furniture department - comfort in your own home;
  • to be in stationery shop - you will spend a lot of time working;
  • visiting a candy shop - joy and fun;
  • visiting the household or construction department- you will be bothered with the housework;
  • being in the bookstore - a hobby takes you more time than work.

Sergii Haranenko

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