Raw Fish Dream Meaning

Raw fish in a dream acts as a symbol of illusion and deceit. At the same time, any manipulations with it convey readiness for action.

Miller's dream book is sure that if a raw fish is seen in a dream by a woman or a girl, this means the dreamer is destined for family happiness.

The most popular interpretation of such dream claims that raw fish meat is seen by a woman or girl before pregnancy. But this statement is true only if it is fresh and of high quality. Any hint of second-rate fish promises trouble, and a completely rotten product is money.

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If you dreamed about fish meat, then get ready for a fleeting romance. If the meat was with bones, this is a symbol of poverty and bad luck in reality.

What else does raw fish mean in a dream? To understand this, the dream book recommends recalling its variety. So, red fish in a dream of an unmarried girl means that she will marry a positive and wealthy person. If you dreamed of red fish, this means a dinner is expected in an expensive restaurant and communication with an interesting person in reality.

    The dream book offers a number of detailed interpretations by fish type:
  • Salmon - the vile act of a loved one.
  • Flatfish- gossip and weight loss.
  • Carp - the troubles that bring benefits.
  • Pike - chagrin.
  • Crucian carp - trouble.
  • Perch - an unwanted pregnancy.
  • Mackerel - guests.
  • Trout - deception.

If you had a dream about particularly big raw fish, dream Interpretation guarantees a large income. To see a small fish in a dream predicts troubles and anxieties, fleshy and boneless - symbolizes income.

Raw fish without head means that you do not care about your spirituality at all and are only occupied with material problems.

Why does one dream of eating a raw fish product? This is a sign of deceived hopes, wasted time and energy.

If you happened to eat uncooked fish in a dream, this image means that you or your close relatives are in danger of a serious illness. Seeing the freshest product – means to receive unexpected news. By the way, some dream books believe that eating a fresh fish in a dream for women – is a sign of easy delivery, for men – a symbol of lover.

If you happen to eat a product without cooking, this means problems will pile up in real life. To solve them, you will have to mobilize all the resources, but the dream book is sure that in the end everything will end safely.

Dreaming of a huge table full of freshly caught fish - to your satisfaction. Eating it with great appetite and pleasure – is a sign of coming material independence.

If you dreamed that you happened to cut a whole fish into separate pieces, according to the dream book, disputes related to the division of a certain property or profit are coming. Freshly frozen pieces symbolize a cooling of feelings and an unsuccessful love affair.

If you had a dream about big fish fillet, you will get a worthy reward for your work. Cutting it into thin slices - to troubles that quickly pass and leave no trace, eating - to increase family income. If you pickle the fillet in order to smoke it, this means a certain business transaction will not take place.

You actions in a dream are equally important. For example, to buy fresh fish - predicts prosperity in the house, if it was unsightly in appearance or not most fresh, this is a sign of deception.

To clean an entire fish means a serious test in reality. Cutting it to pieces is a sign of major conflict with business partners. If you had a chance to cut a fish carcass in a dream, then you are trying to adjust another person or circumstances for yourself.

Why do you dream of already cut raw fish? The dream interpretation believes that you will be able to invest money correctly or take the right steps in business. Personally cutting a fish carcass means that you have to agree to a compromise and this will be the best solution.

Sergii Haranenko
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