Eating Herring Dream Meaning

According to the interpretations of Miller’s dreambook, plots about herring mean problems with money. Proceeding from this, eating herring in a dream is a sign of successful (although difficult) resolution of all financial issues.

If you had a dream about eating herring salad, this means that beside financial problems you will be solving other issues related to the lack of money.

The Wanderer’s dreambook considers that eating herring in a dream reflects your love relations. For example, if a woman eats salty herring in a dream, this image shows her dissatisfaction with her current partner. It is especially bad if it was oversalted, this means you do not get response to your feelings.

If a woman thought that the herring she ate was moderately salty, this is a sign of harmony in the family. If the herring was not salty, this means your partner is not satisfied: you are paying him too little attention.

If the dreamer was eating herring picked up from the floor, the plot predicts difficult time. You will be not lucky in transactions, lose a valuable thing, something will happen at home that requires urgent repair or replacement - this is an incomplete list of possible failures.

If you see yourself eating lightly salted herring cut into neat pieces, this means that any business you have planned will be accomplished right on time and exactly as planned, bringing you considerable income.

If the woman sees herself eating herring, biting small pieces right from the whole fish, the dreambooks hint that this dream can predict pregnancy. The interpretation is especially correct if the lady-dreamer really wants a baby.

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If your beloved man was feeding you with pieces of herring putting them right into your mouth, this plot can also be a sign of pregnancy.

A dream about herring on the holiday table promises new interesting acquaintances. And if you see yourself picking up slices with a fork or a canapé skewer, this means you will receive a tempting offer from your employer.

Seeing herring without head is a sign that your boss likes you. Herring without tail is a sign that you will have a serious talk with one of your colleagues.

    If you remember what kind of herring dish you ate, you can get detailed interpretations:
  • marinated fish - promises cloudless family life;
  • salted caviar - you will go on a long journey;
  • roasted caviar - a dizzying love affair;
  • baked fish - you will get a gift;
  • boiled in fish soup - do not waste your energy for nothing.
Sergii Haranenko
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