Cold On The Lips Dream Meaning

Dreaming of having a cold on the lips predicts getting traumatized as a result of an accident. Besides that, such a dream predicts a meeting with unpleasant people and conflicts in the family.

Having a cold on the bottom lip predicts a conflict with a stranger; cold on the top lip - means signing an unprofitable contract.

If a pregnant woman dreamed she had a cold on her lips, this means a temporary separation from her loved ones.

    Where did you see herpes besides the lips?
  • having cold on the face - bankruptcy and family disagreements;
  • dream of herpes on the nose - committing a bad deed;
  • herpes on the body - a quarrel with a loved one because of betrayal on his part.
    What are the Top-2 bad herpes on lips dream meanings?
  • Having a cold due to body hypothermia and seeing herpes on the lip is a sign of bad mood.
  • Scratching a cold on the lips to the blood - means receiving sad news from a distant relative.
    What are the Top-2 positive dreams about having a cold on the lips?
  • Smearing herpes in dreams speaks of fulfilling desires.
  • Applying alcohol on herpes - means implementing new ideas.

According to Miller, such a dream promises unforeseen expenses.

    Additional dream meanings by Miller:
  • dream of treating herpes - the betrayal of a loved one;
  • seeing that an ulcer has formed in this place - minor household chores;
  • a cold on your lips speaks of family conflicts (for women);
  • herpes in a beloved man - the illness of a relative.

According to Freud's dream book, a dream about herpes portends an immoral act. Seeing herpes on the lip and a face with acne in a dream means disappointment.

According to Vanga's dream book, such a dream portends a friend's betrayal. A sore on the lip predicts litigation (for men); seeing herpes is a sign of failure in professional activities (for women).

Sergii Haranenko
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