Kissing Boss On The Lips Dream Meaning

Kissing with the boss on the lips in a dream is an ambiguous symbol, sometimes contradictory. On the one hand, a dream means huge troubles in the workplace, on the other - unsolved problems of sexual nature, especially if you did not like what was happening.

Miller’s dreambook calls for vigilance if you dreamed that kissing the boss and touching his lips was not entirely pleasant. The dream means a string of problems with reports and other business papers. However, the interpretation of a dream, in which one has to take affection from his boss, to see sexual harassment, can also promise some perspectives.

    In order to understand the meaning of a kiss, you should pay attention to your emotions:
  • to feel the shock - amazing events;
  • to answer the kiss of your boss - problems with the urinogenital sphere;
  • pulling away gently – correcting your errors;
  • to feel sharp rejection - hypocrisy of your colleagues.

Dr. Freud gives quite positive interpretation of dreams about kissing your boss. The subconscious gives you scenarios of love scenes when a person is looking for a strong, dominant partner, but is afraid of his own desires. The image pushes for bold decisions, insane deeds.

To see a frank flirting with you from your direct boss in a dream is a foreshadowing of romantic adventures. Such dream is a good sign for those who would never do anything like this in reality. Especially if you dreamed that caresses were a complete surprise.

Traditional dreambooks call for vigilance after such dream. To desire the passion yourself during kissing, to show initiative in a dream is not always favorable. More often the plot indicates the onset of the disease in the genital area.

The interpreters advise not to neglect the means of protection during sex in the coming hours, days. Even scenes with innocent kisses foretell the hassle associated with the examination by a doctor, complex treatment.

Nostradamus warns about misunderstandings at work after such dream. Sorting things out with colleagues, vanity, betrayal, slander this is exactly what the dream of kissing the boss on the lips means. There will be a hard week with enormous physical and moral stress.

If a married woman was kissing her boss in a dream, this plot predicts disappointments and failure of plans. It is better to keep quiet and not to show up in front of your directors at the moment.

For men who saw a dream about kissing with boss this can be a hint: finally, the time has come to act, to produce interesting ideas. Promotion is just around the corner.

Sergii Haranenko
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