Dentist Dream Meaning

Seeing a dream about dentist doesn’t necessary mean that you need to go check your teeth. In majority of cases this dream is a reflection of your worries about some situation. Miller’s dreambook thinks that seeing a dentist is a sign that you are trying to prove you are right in all possible ways, sometimes even not correct ones. If you dreamt of yourself being a dentist, the dream can hint that you are being too talkative. Seeing children who came to treat teeth to the dentist’s reflects your fear of the unknown and untried. The most difficult interpretation for the dreamer is if children were crying from fear at the dentist’s in a dream.

Seeing yourself as a dentist with many years of experience leaves you no doubt about your success, you have enough qualification. If you were a young starting dentist, who just received his practice patent, the dream predicts an unpleasant incident at work caused by unwillingness to compromise. Dreaming of yourself as a dental prosthetist is a symbol of a work trip.

If you visited a dentist and he treated your flux, the dream indicates the coming period is the best to fulfill your greatest ideas, don’t miss your chance. If you had an appointment with a dentist and saw that the doctor is nervous and is afraid of something, the dream signals about obstacles and problems.

    The attributes of the dental office can help you get better interpretation of the dream:
    • hearing or seeing the drilling machine – conflicts and empty talks;
    • examining dental cement – problems and delays in your doings;
    • sitting in an uncomfortable dental chair – you are not satisfied with your work;
    • some hooks, mirrors and other attributes for examination – a call to be careful;
    • dental floss, toothpaste or toothbrush can indicate real problems with teeth.

    Gypsies’ dreambooks differ from others and they see preventive examination at the dentist’s as you being an indecisive person, but you can also believe in impossible. These thoughts give you confidence and power. Those who saw a pulled out tooth that the doctor was holding in his hand should be prepared for surprises. If the tooth had some blood, this image means that relatives will please you.

Sergii Haranenko
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