Gold Teeth Dream Meaning

In order to understand the interpretation of a dream about gold teeth, you should remember that gold in a dream promises wealth, success and prosperity; and teeth, in general, predict misfortunes, slander and health problems.

Gustav Miller assumes that everything related to teeth is associated with fuss, annoying and communicating with unpleasant people. If you see that your gold teeth are falling out for some reasons in a dream, you should be ready for a difficult period of hardships. Having an artificial jaw from precious metals predicts glory and welfare.

The New Family Dreambook is warning about slander and intrigues if you saw a dream of gold teeth falling out. If a woman sees a dream about a gold crown falling out from a man, this means she will have misunderstandings in relations with her partner because of vile and not false gossip. If a man sees his gold crown falling out, this plot means he will have an open conflict at work.

According to Freud, he thinks that a symbol of teeth in a dream is associated with the person’s thirst for onanism and his fear to be punished for this. If a man sees a dream about gold teeth, this means he envies harmonious sexual relations of his acquaintances. If a woman sees this plot, she is too fond of masturbation, the psychologist thinks.

A Universal dreambook associates gold teeth with illness and bad health condition. Seeing your own denture in a dream is a warning of disease of eyes, ears or limbs. If someone puts you in another person’s denture, you should be careful because somebody wants to deceive you. If you found someone’s gold denture, this is a sign you will be able to fulfill your plans with the help of other people.

Finding a gold crown that is pretty valuable in a dream is a warning about financial problems and debts.

    The whole plot of the dream will help you get better interpretation of what you saw:
  • If you decided to change your teeth to gold ones in a dream, this is a sign that you are taking the right decision;
  • Suddenly finding someone else’s denture in your mouth predicts profit and good news;
  • Putting someone else’s teeth into your own mouth means an opportunity to have promotion at work;
  • If you deleted your own teeth in order to put gold implants, this means you will have to go on your way to success on your own.

According to Aesop’s dreambook, seeing gold teeth in your mouth is a symbol of your complete trust to another person’s opinion. You should be careful because such behavior will not help fulfilling of your plans.

Sergii Haranenko
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