Broken Jaw Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you dream about broken jaw? A broken jaw in a dream most often symbolizes the betrayal of a person you trusted. The dream book suggests considering other options for this dream injury.

Did you dream of a mutilated jaw bone? Be prepared for an unexpected and therefore not entirely pleasant change. Most likely, a certain event will turn out to be a truly turning point for you.

To see that your jaw has been broken in a dream is a sign of ingratitude for a good deed. The same image hints at the loss of property.

Why does someone dream of a dislocated jaw? The dream interpretation predicts a scandal with relatives or bosses.

Miller's dreambook is sure: a broken jaw in a dream warns of painful disagreements, loss of trust and betrayal.

What is the meaning of a dream about twisting your jaw? Sudden changes in character will lead to a quarrel with friends. Also, be prepared to receive bad news.

Why do you dream that a broken jaw does not open? The dream interpretation predicts emotional experiences, grief and uncertainty in the future. Seeing such a dream plot for a woman means that a friend will hurt her unwittingly.

Was your hurt jaw bleeding in a dream? In reality, a difficult, but financially profitable job is to be done. If the cheek is swollen at the site of the fracture, this is a sign that you are too fixated on some painful problem.

What does it mean if you were unlucky to break your jaw at night plot unexpectedly? Look for the reasons for current or future failures in your own ill-considered actions.

Seeing your disfigured face in a dream can lead to gossip, slander, loss of reputation and other similar problems.

Did you have a dream that you looked at yourself in the mirror and found a dislocation of the jaw bone? The dream interpretation predicts major bad luck in the near future. Perhaps you have thought out some plan poorly.

What does it mean if a jaw was broken from a strong blow in a dream? In reality, an unforeseen event will occur, which you will be literally shocked. The dream interpretation believes that it will take you some time to recover.

Why do you dream that you broke someone's jaw? This means you will get involved in a major scandal with serious consequences.

But remember: the specified interpretation of the dream is not prophetic, but only warns of such a possibility. Therefore, keep yourself in control and do not quarrel over trifles.

    Did you dream of your own or someone else's broken jaw? The dream interpretation offers to establish the cause of the fracture:
  • A fist punch - family showdown.
  • A hit with a stick is a sign of disease.
  • Being hit with a hoof - means disappointment in love.
  • Jaw broken from falling - the collapse of plans, an unpleasant incident.
  • Broken jaw with blood - events related to relatives.
  • Without blood - events associated with strangers.

For further interpretation of the dream plot, the dream books recommend remembering your own feelings in a dream. If you have experienced severe pain and even fear, this means you should prepare for poor health.

A dream can also warn of a forced change of job, place of residence and other drastic changes made under the pressure of circumstances or others.

If the fracture was not accompanied by pain, this means losses that will not become fatal for you are possible.

Sergii Haranenko
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