Driving At High Speed Dream Meaning

Driving fast in a dream indicates loss of reputation or warns of great troubles due to carelessness. A dream about accelerating and getting into a car accident predicts a sad event in the family.

Driving at high speed on a bus in a dream predicts condemnation from others.

A dream about driving at high speed in a dream may also mean achieving your goal and overcoming all difficulties.

Driving a car very fast in a dream may predict a trip abroad.

Driving a motorcycle at high speed is a sign of an unjustified risk.

Driving at high speed along the road predicts travel.

If you were driving a sports car at a very high speed, this means hard physical labor.

Driving backwards at high speed indicates the desire to renew relations with a former partner.

Some dreambooks state, that if a married woman has a dream about driving fast, this means she might get a constant lover.

Riding a motorcycle quickly, on which the brakes fail later, may be a dream warning of bad luck.

Overtaking a truck at high speed speaks of a desire to change your place of residence.

Who were you driving with at high speed?

  • driving fast with a man - to the emergence of a new friend;
  • driving at high speed with your boyfriend - parting due to deception on his part;
  • driving/riding fast with a friend - a quarrel with her.

What are the Top-5 bad dreams about driving at high speed?

  • Driving at high speed in a stolen car is a dream warning of imprisonment.
  • Driving along the highway at night is a little trouble.
  • Riding at high speed by train means troubles during your vacation.
  • Driving fast on kamaz - means performing hard and low-paid work.
  • Riding on roller skates, clinging to a truck - means the risk of injury or an accident.

What are the Top-5 good fast driving dream meanings?

  • Driving at high speed, hurrying home, is a sign of happiness.
  • Driving fast, being late for work - receiving a bonus.
  • Leaving very quickly in a foreign car - means wages increase.
  • Driving fast on a truck - means bargain shopping.
  • Riding a bike at high speed - sign of having fun.
    Dream meaning of driving at maximum speed depending on details:
  • riding fast in public transport - means a business trip;
  • high speed in unknown military equipment - new acquaintances;
  • driving fast in a passenger car - fulfilling a desire;
  • driving fast in an electric car - the loss of a large amount;
  • quickly driving a truck and crashing portends a dangerous situation on the road;
  • maximum speed in the city cemetery - depression due to the inability to carry out the plan;
  • driving at high speed in unfamiliar places - participating in a charity event;
  • fast driving on the bridge - temporary separation from loved ones;
  • driving fast over bumps - means an interesting journey;
  • driving at high speed on a straight road - predicts reconciliation with relatives;
  • rushing in winter at high speed along a narrow street - means trouble at work;
  • driving at high speed and crashing into a white wall - means a household or industrial injury;
  • driving fast in the rain in open vehicle in the back seat - new hobbies;
  • driving fast and flipping over - symbolizes moral exhaustion;
  • quickly riding a chair around the office - promises career growth;
  • exceeding the speed on a motorcycle and crashing - means the need to solve other people's problems;
  • driving at high speed in a stolen car, sitting in the passenger seat - loneliness;
  • greatly exceeding the speed limit and falling from height in a car - predicts a nervous breakdown;
  • quickly getting somewhere on the bus to the bus stop, standing on your feet - means improving your health;
  • a dream in which you were driving a car, speeding, and lost control, promises problems due to your temper;
  • if you dreamed that you were quickly riding in a taxi with the guy you broke up with, this means sadness;
  • driving your daughter to school at high speed in a car - means committing a rash act.
  • being in a broken SUV, quickly flying forward along the road, is a sign of fears.
Sergii Haranenko
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