Cub Dream Meaning

Most often, a dream about baby-animal means two things: either the desire for motherhood, or the dreamer's excessive infantilism. However, in the interpretation of what the cubs mean in a dream, the belonging of the “kiddie” to one or another subspecies of the animal world plays a significant role. Therefore, remember all the details of the dream, and you will find out exactly how the babies are identified with in a dream.

According to Pastor Loff's dream book, seeing a baby panda is a hint that you need to find time to communicate with your family, especially if you have small children. In the wild, a bear is an excellent mother, but in a dream, any bear cub indicates lack of maternal attention.

Did you dream of a baby stork? The dream speaks for itself - a woman who sees this chick in the night plot dreams of a child, the soothsayer Loff assures.

A dream in which there were many babies of various animals suggests that you are taking on too many responsibilities.

For example, seeing a baby hippopotamus is a symbol of overzealousness, which can develop into chronic fatigue. Keep this in mind when agreeing to any gamble.

Did you dream of a kangaroo Joey? Think about what matters you can shift to your household members, and feel free to start redistributing responsibilities.

If you saw a baby ostrich in a dream, this means you should first think about whether you are brushing off some things that are important for you and your life. It is likely that you simply close your eyes to some problems, dreaming that they will disappear themselves.

Longo's dream book says the following about the dreaming of a baby seal: people around you consider you hopelessly infantile, unable to make a decision, although you are just lazy and irresponsible in reality.

A plot in which you are holding a baby dragon is a very good sign. In most cases, baby dragons promise great prospects that will open in front of the dreamer in a short time, and which are able to completely "reshape" the fate of a sleeping woman.

The little dinosaur in a dream has about the same meaning. But you will need to work hard for the sake of success.

Interpreters will delight those girls who dreamed of a panther or tiger cub with the explanations: if you show firmness and show strength of character, you will be able to achieve success in your career, "overtaking" your male colleagues.

But the baby lynx or leopard cub symbolizes "gentle persistence" on the way to career heights. It is quite possible that you will take your place thanks to your own leisurely and balanced nature.

What does it mean if you saw a baby snake in a dream? If you are up to something, then do not refuse advice from older friends or people whose life experience exceeds yours.

The Wanderer's dream book agrees with this definition. If in a dream a small viper crawled across your way, it means that you should stop and think about whether you are doing everything right. If you are not confident in yourself - ask for advice, the oracle recommends.

    It will be useful to get acquainted with a number of other animals and birds, whose cubs can predict some definite events. So, here are the brief meanings of dreaming about babies of:
  • deer, elk, roe - income and well-being will grow and multiply;
  • penguin - you are very curious, you should restrain yourself;
  • beaver, otter, squirrel - you are a workaholic, take time to relax;
  • dog (puppy) - you will spend the weekend with your friends' children;
  • cat (kitten) - do not underestimate your enemies;
  • wolf - you should learn to be proud, do not humiliate yourself;
  • baby elephant - pay attention to the problems of your life partner;
  • chicken - you are too fussing and bustling;
  • swan - you strive for harmony of soul and mind.
Sergii Haranenko
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