Falling Trees Dream Meaning

What it means if you dream of falling trees? The dream interpretation considers the tree a symbol of life. That is why dreams of how trees fall does not bode well. Interpretation of what is seen in a dream will help predict the catch of fate and strengthen your positions in advance.

    Pay attention to the condition of the fallen trees and other details:
  • Dry, dead trees – predicts change;
  • Young trees in the prime of life – sign of failure;
  • What triggered the fall;
  • Were there victims and destruction from fallen trees?

Miller's dream book explains in detail what dreams where trees fall mean. If you happen to see how the giants trees die in the prime of life, the forecast for a new beginning is unfavorable: it will suddenly collapse at the peak of prosperity.

Massive branches falling from the wind warn of future challenges. The winner awaits reward.

The Esoteric interpretation of dreams promises change. As old plants falling because of the wind free up space for young growth, so a new period will begin in the life of a sleeping person. Its beginning will seem difficult, but in the end difficulties will turn out to be a great success.

Yuri Longo believes that falling trees in a dream reflect dark thoughts that are not given the go-ahead in real life. Perhaps the dreamer is eager to eliminate a strong adversary.

In a dream, as you know, everything is possible, you can even inadvertently knock over a huge oak. The Wanderer's Dream Book calls for caution: there is high probability of accidentally hurting your loved ones or destroying relationships that are dear to your heart.

If you dreamed that you were felling a forest like a hurricane, Loff's dream book predicts a major problem, in which you can blame only yourself. Do not neglect wise advice, otherwise you will really make a big mistake.

In a dream, a hurricane calls for prudence. Troubles can be avoided if measures are taken in time.

When you happen to see how dry aspen collapsed themselves, this means you will hear about the death of a friend of old age or the completion of a futile project soon.

If it was dreamed that lifeless trees fall themselves, the symbol portends the deliverance from the company of a person with outdated looks.

Interpreting why one is dreaming of how poplars fall themselves, the Ukrainian dreambook catches the connection with someone's sudden death.

It is interesting to know what dreams are about when the trees fall under the onslaught of a large animal. Now is not the time to unleash your emotions.

If you dreamed that the tree was washed underneath by water stream, the dream book of the healer Agafya calls for moderation in food. Gluttony threatens to adversely affect your health.

When you dreamed of a storm dropping down a centuries-old oak tree, a symbol of inviolability, Navi’s dreambook warns that inaction and hope of chance can lead to trouble, a familiar environment will become unsafe.

The collapse of the forest giant trees in a dream promises failure in business. Serious obstacles can nullify your efforts and resources. Dream interpretation of Hasse offers the best solution: wait until unfavorable period passes, and only then begin to act.

In the Universal Interpreter there is an explanation of what it means if a tree fell on a house in a dream. The image in a dream is fraught with family problems of a different nature. Be careful of accidents, robberies, monitor your health, and avoid conflicts.

If you happen to see how a tree collapsed onto a house, the Modern Dream Book warns that the welfare of the family is at stake. As long as possible, set aside a portion of the funds for a rainy day.

Sergii Haranenko
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