Feeding The Deceased Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you dream that you happened to feed the dead person? This is a rather strange and ambiguous plot, which promises both getting rid of problems and acquiring new ones. In order to get the most correct interpretation of the dream, an experienced dream book strongly recommends recalling as many details as possible.

Have you dreamed that distant ancestors came to your house, and you treated them to various goodies?

The advice of a wise dream book: the plot about feeding a deceased person should be remembered, because it symbolizes some kind of revelation received directly in a dream. Traditionally, such visions can be seen by people engaged in spiritual self-improvement.

For others, the vision means that some critical event is approaching. If the deceased relatives ask for food, and you give it away with pleasure, this means incredible happiness will come to you in real life.

What is the dream meaning if you happened to feed someone who is already dead? This way a waste of energy or a desire to become more significant is manifested in a dream.

Did you dream of a person so emaciated that you had to feed him with a spoon? In reality, get ready for unexpected problems with distant relatives. The dream interpretation also prophesies malaise, lack of money or an accident.

If a hungry dead man appeared to a rich dreamer, this means he risks losing his property, a lot of money. For a poor person, this is a sign of moral compensation for labor and patience.

Why do you dream that you decided to feed the deceased, but the treat turned out to be too simple and scarce? In the near future, you will have to seriously think about the meaning of your stay here.

The dream interpretation does not exclude that difficult life trials are coming. Did you have a dream that you treated the dead man with soup that was too hot? With unreasonable behavior, you can harm not only loved ones, but also yourself.

But if in a dream you watched intently how strange guests were eating, this is a sign that you are clearly not satisfied with your own being, you envy others and always want to get more than is due.

Why else do you dream that you happened to feed the dead man with ordinary food? In the real world, losses, damage and, in general, difficult times are coming.

But it is good to see that you are giving unloved food to the deceased in a dream. In reality, you will be able to get rid of something painful, unacceptable.

Did you have a dream about how you treated unusual eaters with food and heard praise? The dream interpretation promises receiving good news.

    It is very important to note what exactly you happened to feed the deceased. Each dish has its own dream meaning, for example:
  • Treating the dead person with pancakes - means a letter, news.
  • Giving beans to the deceased – warns of chores, unnecessary problems.
  • Feeding rolls to a dead man – warns about theft, loss.
  • If you fed the deadman with peas – this dream promises tears.
  • Fried meat given to dead man – brings hard work, trouble.
  • If you were feeding chicken to someone who is dead – sign of general improvement.
  • Deadman eating plums – sign of misfortune.
  • Giving apples to dead man – promises good times.
  • If you fed pork to a deceased person – this is a sign of disease.
  • Feeding the dead man with eggs – promises health.

Feeding a dead person in a dream literally means an irresistible desire to help, support, take care of someone. However, the dream book assures: others are not ready to accept your help.

What does it mean if you dream that a dead person wants to feed you? In real life, expect good news or profits. It is also a symbol of the transfer of knowledge, vitality and experience in a dream.

What does it mean if dreamed that a dead man wants to feed, but you refuse? The trouble will bypass, your health will improve, and relationships will improve.

The dream book reminds: the worst thing is if the dead person feeds you something, and you eat it with pleasure. This is a harbinger of a serious illness and even near death.

If you had to see how the deceased feeds a person you know, this means he is in a similar danger. It is better to give yourself a directive in advance and always refuse such a treat.

Sergii Haranenko
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