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What does it mean if you regaled someone in a dream? Drinks, food and sweets that a person treats in a dream, according to dream books, personify the real circumstances of the dreamer's life. In order not to get lost in the intricacies of the plot and understand why the treat is seen in a dream, you should remember who was treated in a dream, what you offered him/her to taste, and whether you had desire to treat someone at all.

Miller's dream book and his "treats"

The dream book advises to drive away from yourself all those people who treated you with something inedible in a dream, or expired or spoiled food. You should not trust those who in a dream offered you to treat yourself to dinner - you will be let down by the people responsible for maintaining the documentation.

A good interpretation of the dream will be received by the dreamer who saw how he treats a girl with ice cream. Such dreams mean good news from afar. But, a dream in which you treated someone to anything rotten means "rotten" conversations and actions in relation to you.

Brief interpretations of treats in a dream

The more detailed the plot of the "night session" is, the clearer the picture of your future will be, dream books predict. However, sometimes, it is precisely a generalized interpretation that is needed. Here are examples of what a dream is about, in which you happened to treat someone, united by common signs.

    So, here are the explanations of treats in dreams:
  • sweets as treats are a symbol of joy and prosperity;
  • you see that you were treated with sour food – this is a sign of personal troubles;
  • if they regaled you with pickles or simply salty food – this means sadness and tears;
  • to treat others with bitter or spicy dishes – means aggravating relations with those who were treated;
  • unleavened/tasteless food or drinks – is a sign of calmness, and, at times, of dissatisfaction with oneself and life.

Candy treat: happiness crumples at the threshold

Freud's dream book promises you will receive a gift if in a dream you treated yourself to caramel candy with filling, taken as a gift from a man. And if the candies were chocolate, and you were treating a man, then there is a possibility of getting sexual pleasure with the one who was present in your dream, Freud prophesies.

Did you dream that the sweets melted? You should not relax, a little more patience, and you will achieve everything you wanted, the Eastern dream book states.

Sweet treats: wonderful time coming

A pleasant, in every sense, acquaintance awaits the one who treated strangers with honey in a dream, Veles's dream book predicts. But, explaining why one dreams of treating relatives with cake or pastries, the interpreter promises the dreamer pleasant laziness and relaxation.

Treating a deceased brother with sweets, for example, pancakes with jam, is a symbol of hospitality in any of its manifestations. Especially if you set the table at home.

Treating your beloved boyfriend with chocolate is a sign of sincerity of feelings.

Salty meal: sadness will take over your soul

Did you have a dream that you are treating your guests with fried fish? This means you will yearn silently, Pastor Loff's dream book predicts. But if you dreamed that the guest was treated with dried fish, then the sadness from the “quiet” stage will go to the “universal scale”, with tears and hysterics.

What does it mean if you dream of regaling soup or borscht? This dream is a sign of heavy worries.

And if you see in a dream how you propose to treat the enemy with bacon, this suggests that you have embarked on a "slippery slope" - you should not play with him. If you dreamed about treating your friends with pilaf or dumplings, this is a sign that you will depend on them financially, Longo's dream book upsets.

Meat dishes: don't get angry - it's bad for you

The dream book of Nostradamus will stun with the interpretation of a dream in which you treat everyone indiscriminately to barbecue: do not get angry, otherwise you will get sick with nerves.

To feed everyone in a dream with meat dishes, for example, pate or jellied meat, is a sign of causeless anger. But if you served meat with noodles, this means your anger can be "tamed" with a joke, the Gypsy dream book suggests. Have you treated all the people you know with meat pies? You hide anger behind your smile.

Vegetable-berry-fruit boom: fun and joy is what awaits you

According to Vanga's dream book, treating children with berries or fruits in a dream is a sign of unbridled fun that awaits you. As for a dream that you are feeding a child with peaches or grapes, Medea's dream book says this promises the fulfillment of a childhood dream.

Get ready for a spontaneous but intricate trip if in a dream you saw that you were treating oranges to your friends. And if you offered a red apple to your boss, this is a sign that an office romance awaits you.

A dream in which you treat someone to a pickled cucumber or tomato promises unusual adventures in the spirit of adventure. Feeding someone a watermelon is a sign of great surprise; offering someone pears – represents a surprise.

Pastries: from fun to grief

According to the Wanderer's dream book, this is what a bun with raspberries means in a dream: you have an extraordinary sense of humor and the ability to turn everyday life into holidays - your friends will appreciate this quality. But a pie with strawberries or cherries offered to a boyfriend predicts his voluptuous impulses to you.

Treating a deceased person with a potato pie in a dream is a sign of grief because of old grievances. Did you cajole the dead with bread in a dream? Wait for some mystery to be solved. But, if you began to regale the deceased with bagels with seeds, this means a change of residence.

A dream of baking with minced meat or cheese predicts an evening meeting of old friends, the Slavic interpreter suggests.

Drinks: get rid of bad habits

Why do you dream of treating someone with vodka or beer? Magini's dream book suggests that this is a sign of hangover. Whereas, a dream treat with water predicts excellent health.

And if you remembered the dead with an alcohol drink in a dream, this is a sign of the unpleasant consequences of your bad habits.

In a dream, did you treat the deceased relatives to tea or coffee? This is what this dream means: a lot of urgent things will fall on you.

Did you have a dream that you were treated with wine? You will discover some truth, but not in a completely honest way. But if you drank kvass or offered it to someone else, then you have a chance to change the situation for the better, even though it is very small.

Dairy products: your health and mood will be excellent

Treating someone with milk in your nightly dreams is a sign that you should not be afraid of any ailments, pleases with the interpretation of the Modern Dream Book. You will be immune to disease even in the midst of an epidemic. But still, you should not specially test Fate, it is considered to have feisty character.

But if you happened to treat yourself or your loved ones with cottage cheese or sour cream in a dream, then you can count on gaining a chance to get rich. Your desire for ideals will play into your hands - you will be lucky in such matters that some will not even dare to take up. And at the same time, your mood will be very elevated, as well as your state of health.

Sergii Haranenko
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