Rocket Dream Meaning

What is the missile dream meaning and symbolism? When someone dreams about rocket, this is a sign of important events coming into your life. A dream when you fly a rocket to space may predict a love adventure or a trip to exotic country.

The dream dictionaries give various interpretations depending on plot details. Seeing a missile fly up in the sky in a dream predicts promotion. Dreaming about a rocket exploding is a sign of good news.

If you dream of a rocket falling on the ground, this is a warning about open confrontation with the ill-wisher.

A missile in a dream may symbolize a serious conversation with the management. A dream of rocket ship is a sign of changes in personal life.

    What are the Top-5 negative meanings of rocket dreams?
  • A cruise missile in dreams speaks of obstacles on the way to the goal.
  • To be present at an unsuccessful launch of a space rocket means depression.
  • Loading a rocket launcher - predicts troubles in business.
  • Launching a signal rocket into the sky - the risk of getting into an accident.
  • Nuclear ballistic missile attack - means bad business trip.
    The dreambooks provide Top-5 positive dreams of rockets:
  • A rocket flying in the sky means good news from friends.
  • Troubleshooting a rocket means a pleasant journey.
  • Blowing up a missile - means the implementation of new ideas.
  • Seeing several missiles take off speaks of coming meeting with loved ones.
  • Being the captain of a spacecraft predicts an invitation to a family celebration.

According to Miller, a rocket in a dream can symbolize energy and determination. If a man dreamed that a rocket started off, this means the implementation of his plans. If the rocket fell in a dream, this image predicts scandal in the family.

If a young woman dreams of a rocket launch, this plot indicates the need to make a difficult choice. If a married woman dreams about a fall and explosion of the rocket ship, this image may be a sign of divorce.

According to the Modern Dreambook, a rocket in dreams means changes in one’s personal life for the better. If a man dreams about a rocket taking off and then falling, this is a symbol of new romance. A man flying a rocket ship in a dream may have signs of self-doubts. If it crashed in a dream, this means your plans will collapse.

If a woman dreams about a rocket starting, this is a sign of unexpected guests, according to the Modern Dreambook. If the rocket fell, she may be disappointed with her beloved.

According to Vanga, a falling rocket in a dream is a symbol of treason and betrayal on the part of loved ones.

Sergii Haranenko
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