Flying A Dragon Dream Meaning

Gustav Miller, explaining dreams of flying a dragon, says that this image means that the dreamer got under the influence of passions and wild emotions. If you were sitting on a flying dragon’s back and felt fear, the dreambooks recommend being careful in what you say. Even if you want to say something rude, you’d better restrain yourself.

If you were sitting on the dragon’s back, flying and enjoyed the landscape around, this dream is a promise of a bright and interesting event that will leave a mark in your memory.

If you were flying a dragon that captured you as a prisoner, you will have problems and conflicts caused by your talkativeness. If you saw a dream about a huge dragon who was throwing you in the air and catching you; and if you felt fear, this plot implies that you should pay attention to people around you, mostly probable there is a traitor among them.

Flying a dragon saddling it is a sign that your situation will be improving soon. The higher you flew in a dream, the faster and better your life changes will be. If you were friends with a dragon and he was riding you on his back, it is quite possible that a friend or protector, whom you know, will lead you to your success.

Taming and training a dragon and making him ride you on his back and flying means that your efforts and hard work will help you achieve what you want. If you didn’t manage to fly a dragon because of his obstinate character, this plot represents obstacles on the way to your goal. A dream about falling from a dragon is a signal of an unfortunate flow of circumstances and troubles that will force you to retreat from our plans.

    It may be weird, but a color of the creature also influences the interpretation of a dragon flight dreams:
  • A black dragon – represents an ill-wisher or envier;
  • A white one – a friend or colleague;
  • Red dragon – is a symbol of impulsive person with an “explosive” character;
  • A green dragon – represents your boss or sponsor;
  • Colorful – close friend;
  • Of any other color – a person from your surrounding (neighbor, ex-classmate, etc.)
Sergii Haranenko
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