Flying With A Man Dream Meaning

Flying in a dream is always a positive sign, however, if you didn’t happen to fly down, to fall, but flew up or you managed to float above the ground. Those women who had the opportunity to fly with a man in a night dream, you can envy. After all, the majority of dream books, explaining such dreams, assert that this is a symbol of happiness in marriage and in relationships.

If you dreamed you were flying with a man, this means that the relationship will move to a new level. Remember, if in a dream you were pleased to soar among the clouds in a man's arms, then in reality you will be satisfied with the development of your love story with this person.

But feeling uncomfortable or, worse, experiencing fear and discomfort is a sign of a wrong choice. Relationships develop not from an excess of feelings, but because, it seems, it's time to change something - they just go on their own.

It is good to see in a dream how you fly with a man in an air balloon. This dream means that love and respect go hand in hand in your life. Both you and your partner understand that you cannot go far on love itself; there must be mutual respect, and even equality in some matters.

The interpretation of a dream in which you fly with a man, having wings behind your back, says that you are mutually happy. But if you dreamed that only one person had wings, then it is quite likely that the “wingless character” was not fully blessed with love, explains the interpreter of Miss Hasse.

According to the interpretation of the Modern Dream Book, flying with a man in a dream in plane or in helicopter while sitting in the armchairs next to each other is a sign that you are partners rather than a couple. If in reality you consider your connection to be a love affair, and from your side it is so, then you must find out how your partner is related to you.

But if you flew in a helicopter, sitting in an embrace, or, perched on your loved one's knees, you hid in his arms, this vision embodies the strong connection of two loving hearts with clear-hearted love-fog minds. You know exactly what you expect from each other, sincerely trusting your partner.

If you dreamed that you were flying with a man, taking off from the ground during a kiss, then this means that all you need from this person is only tenderness and care, says the Gypsy dream book.

It is a different matter if you see how you ride a man flying. Explaining such a flight in a dream, the Eastern dreambook recommends clarifying exactly what you are sitting on.

For example, sitting on his back is a sign that you prefer to shift your affairs and responsibilities to your beloved, regardless of his desires. And if you climbed on the neck or head, then in reality such a vision symbolizes not a happy relationship, but blind passion.

    The dreambooks take into consideration the dream details:
  • You were holding hands – mostly probable it is only friendship between you;
  • You were holding him at his underarms – you are staying with this man just from the feeling of pity;
  • You are grabbing his clothes – there is no respect in your couple;
  • You are flying next to him, but not touching – nothing will work out, there is no fire in you;
  • Lifting him by the hand or leg – you will become enemies if you do not split up.
Sergii Haranenko
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