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Flying Car Dream Meaning

A flying car in a dream can be seen by people who are liberated, independent, having creative thinking. The dreaming means that you will find a successful way out of a difficult situation soon if you dreamed that you personally drove a flying car.

According to Miller, the higher you managed to fly in a dream, the quicker your current dreams and aspirations will come true. And the fancier the dreamed cars, the greater the chances of winning contests and competitions.

Seeing and admiring a flying car at the horizon is a symbol of strong health. A flying car approaching gradually to you means obtaining new information that will help you to start your own business, to win the process. If you dreamed that strangers were leaving the car, be ready to reception in an elite society.

Seeing dreams about flying bizarre mechanisms from epics and fairy tales show the high intellectual level of the dreamer.

If you were driving a flying car and there was a passenger next to you, you should definitely pay attention to this person since he is the one on whom your happiness depends.

It is a bad sign if you were afraid to fall in a flying car in a dream. Your indecision will not allow you to take a decent prize. In addition, health can fail if you see that a flying machine has broken right in the air.

Sergii Haranenko

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