Going Crazy Dream Meaning

If you happened to go crazy in a dream, the dreambook is sure - tremendous success is guaranteed to you. The image promises wealth, the size of which depends on the severity of the disease to the dreamer who happened to go insane in a dream. The more crazy you turned to be, the more money you will get. This prediction is especially correct for farmers, businessmen and sailors.

If the dream of insanity was seen by a poor person, the dreambook assures that can also expect enrichment; it promises recovery to the sick; rich person will acquire real estate or something valuable.

As for other interpretations of dreams about going crazy, perhaps you are not be able to express a personal opinion and feel some unfreedom in reality. This is also a sign of small difficulties that you will successfully overcome.

Dream interpretation believes that a sudden loss of mind in a dream symbolizes the attainment of great power.

Seeing your child going crazy in a dream means you will get rich at the cost of your own children. If your wife became insane in a dream, there will be rich harvest next year.

Miller's dreambook is confident that mentally ill people in a dream promise trouble, collapse of plans and betrayal of friends. If such a vision was seen in a dream of a girl, her marriage will be unsuccessful.

If you dreamed that you are insane, the dreambooks assume there will be some kind of danger about which you will be the first to know. But it only depends on you if you can prevent it.

    The dreambooks give short interpretations for plots with you being crazy:
  • You are being held - bad business.
  • You are treated - an accident.
  • If you are violent - fight.
  • Fight with others - unpleasant news.
  • Quiet insanity - predicts a headache.
  • Seeing psychos around - like-minded people.

If you had to run away from the doctors, then in reality there will be obstacles due to your own delusions. Being normal in a madhouse is a sign of promotion; going crazy slowly means small troubles.

If you happened to go crazy or dreamed that you live in a mental hospital, the dream book claims that this is a good sign. It promises the flourishing of mental abilities, good deals and good luck. Seeing yourself insane is a symbol of long life, strong love and respect from others.

If the madness overwhelmed a friend or relative, then it is he who will bring you great luck.

If you got crazy and other people noticed this, you will soon have to say goodbye to illusions and go against society.

Sergii Haranenko
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