Buying A House Dream Meaning

What does a dream of buying a house mean? If you were happy to buy a house in your dream, you can expect big changes in real life. The changes may be quite different: in the sphere of personal life, health, work and in rare cases, may mean the dreamer’s death.

Miller's dream interpretation claims that dreaming of buying a house means that you will receive unexpected news or go on an urgent business trip soon.

A new house is a symbol of welfare and good health. If the house was spacious with high ceilings in your dream, this plot means you feel confidence and security in real life. A small but cozy house predicts a pleasant acquaintance. If you happened to buy an unfinished house, then you risk losing your property.

If a completely new building turned to have awful floors in your dream, this means you will have to obey the circumstances or someone else's will.

Buying an apartment in a new building means that you have a choice in current circumstances. It is also a sign that fate has a good present for you.

Buying an old house predicts health problems, bad news and bad luck. If you bought a very old house in a dream, this is a plot meaning you will need old connections with authoritative people.

If the old house turned to be well refurbished, some confusing situation will be cleared up soon. Dream interpretation is also sure that the dream predicts a long life and prosperous old age.

If you bought real estate in the village, this is a sign that you will be able to realize some great idea. Return to real values will be a very good decision.

If you had a dream that you urgently bought a house in the village, there is a risk to remain without work. But seeing yourself already living in the countryside means contentment and well-being.

A wooden house seen in a dream is a symbol meaning that you do not like being in the center of attention. If you were choosing a small wooden house for purchase in a dream, this means that sometimes you are being very indecisive. Very rarely the dreambooks interpret wooden house as prediction of death, but only if the building was tine and had no windows and no doors. If you were looking for a wooden house, but didn’t buy one, you will be able to avoid real danger.

In general, if you were looking for a house, but didn’t buy any, this means that something will prevent you from completely changing your life.

    Your other dream actions with dwelling will help you get the meaning of the night plot:
  • Building – joy and happiness;
  • Seeing others build – your goal can be reached;
  • Getting a house as a heritage – you will have a rival or partner;
  • Looking at a house with an agent – do not listen to others’ advice;
  • Renovating – good investment;
  • Restore almost from scratch – useless money waste.

If you saw someone else buying a house in your dream, this means that luck will pass by.

If you bought property for your mother in a dream, something good and kind will happen in your life. Buying your mother a new house as a present is always a good sign. You will change your image and this act will work for your favor.

Sergii Haranenko
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