Gorilla Dream Meaning

Gorilla is a dangerous and mysterious animal. What does the dream about gorilla mean? A huge hairy monkey that appeared in a dream foreshadows the appearance of a dangerous foe.

The Italian dreambook believes that if the woman saw a black gorilla in her nightly dreams, this means there is a man next to her, quite attractive in a sexual sense. Only the woman does not like his excessive rudeness and assertiveness.

To dream of many monkeys predicts quarrels with people around you because of false gossip. If a girl dreams of such a plot, then she should be alert and not talk to any person about anything compromising her reputation.

If a girl dreams that she is trying to pet a big gorilla, it means that in reality she will try to speed up the impending marriage by all means.

If you feed the gorilla in a dream, this is a sign of cruel deception. Universal dream book believes that you will be betrayed by the man from whom you can not expect such an act. The dreamed is a clear sign that one should be constantly on guard and follow the surrounding situation.

If a big black monkey tried to attack you in a dream, then in reality a person will appear next to you, prone to fraud and lies.

Miller is sure that the big black gorilla is seen in a dream at a time when the dreamer's body is weakened and will soon fail. If this animal was seen, do not postpone the visit to the doctor.

To see how the gorilla was driven away in a dream means recovery from the disease. If the creature does not want to leave and gives a lot of discomfort with its presence, then you will have to fight for your health. The dreamed plot is a warning that the disease will not just go away.

To dream of a wild gorilla walking through the jungle - to new adventures. Miller's dream book promises that everything will change soon. There will be interesting people, new acquaintances, new love and travel in your life, and every day will sparkle with new colors.

According to some dreambooks, if a man dreamed of an aggressive gorilla, this can mean he has sexual thoughts about his mother. The interpretation of dream here should be understood literally and one should turn to an experienced sex therapist to suppress indecent desires.

Sergii Haranenko
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