Ice Cream Dream Meaning

A person who saw ice cream in his dream will be successful in all his beginnings. Buying this cold dessert in your dream promises acquaintance with a person whom you will not want to let go and will want to tie your life with his. This plot can also predict a sudden separation with an old friend.

If you had a dream about eating ice cream, the dreambooks promise a meeting with a person with whom you had romantic relations before. It is better not to count on old feelings coming back, just spend a good time together and enjoy the communication. Aesop’s dreambook considers that eating ice cream is a favorable sign. Sometimes this dream can presage the beginning of passionate love. The dream promises women meeting men with whom they will have tender sexual relations. The same dream means soon revealing of the secret for the married ladies who are cheating on their husbands.

If your ice cream melted in a dream, you will get disappointed in real life. The dream also means thoughtless action or an unpleasant step made by your husband that will upset you. The dream may also indicate your partner’s unfaithfulness and you will soon find out about it.

As for the types of dessert, seen in a dream, chocolate ice cream promises delightful intimate relations. Popsicle ice cream means you need to pay more attention to your family. Cream ice cream indicates cooling down of your feelings to your partner. Glazed ice cream is interpreted as an old secret revealing. Fruit ice cream reflects having an annoying and flattering admirer.

According to Miller, eating ice cream promises success in your work and personal life. A dream about children eating ice cream indicates a happy life without major problems. If a woman dropped ice cream in front of her partner in a dream, this means she will be tempted by another man.

Sergii Haranenko

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