Jelly Dream Meaning

Jelly in a dream is an eloquent sign of some fragility, instability, uncertainty and softness. According to Miller, dreams about jelly represent too much softness in the dreamer’s character. Besides that it is a clear sign of some vague and very unstable situation. This night image implies that you are a kind, reliable and pliable person who is ready to forget his own plans, for the sake of helping another. These are good features of character, but the dream interpreters are sure that other people are using this insolently. If you had a dream about jelly that didn’t freeze properly, this image is a sign of apathy, insecurity and unreliability of your relations.

An aspic dish seen in a dream calls you to show determination and inflexibility even if this is somehow related to heartache. Otherwise the situation will not be solved for an indefinite period and will end up badly. If you were cooking jelly yourself this sign is that your life is filled with unnecessary connections, superficial acquaintances and aimless communication, which does not add meaning to it, but only takes your time.

If a young woman was cooking jelly dessert in a dream, it is possible that she will have to choose between two admirers. If you had a dream about pouring the sticky jelly mass into forms, you will get literally stuck in problems, difficulties and tasks. If the dish froze fast and well, this means that the difficulties will be solved easily.

    If you remember the taste of the jelly in the dream, you can get better interpretation of the plot:
  • Milk jelly – peace, health and luck;
  • Berry jelly – fresh feeling, new love;
  • Coffee taste – arguments and conflicts;
  • Bitter taste – unpleasant surprise;
  • Sweet – satisfaction;
  • Tasty jelly – luck change for the better;
  • Not tasty jelly – hardships, obstacles.

If you had a dream about cooking jelly from a packet bought in a shop, this plot definitely reflects your lack of time. Taking jelly in your hands in a dream means you will be covered with a sense of hopelessness and despondency. If you were trying to take the dish with your fingers, the dream indicates you will be communicating with a slippery and unreliable person. Scooping jelly actively with a spoon symbolizes certainty after a long period of doubts.

If you felt great hunger in a dream but found only light jelly to eat means you are exaggerating the importance of some event. Easting the dessert slowly in a dream means you will get satisfaction but the feeling of euphoria will disappear very fast. This is a sign of vain hopes and expectations for women. Eating jelly in a dream warns you about scams and indecent business; you should abstain from such things otherwise you’ll get into trouble.

Sergii Haranenko
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