Insane Asylum Dream Meaning

Explaining why the insane asylum is seen in a dream, the dream books reassure you that nothing bad will happen to you. Such visions indicate that it is time for you to bring your soul into normal state, cleanse your thoughts of negativity and, having tuned in to the positive, make plans for the future. However, be careful if something unpleasant happened to you in a dream within the walls of this institution - this may be a warning of impending problems.

Psychologist Gustav Miller gives different interpretations of the madhouse seen in a dream, depending on what exactly the plot was.

So, for example, getting into a mental hospital as a violent patient in a dream is a sign that you are not in the best state of mind. You are haunted by unfounded worries and fears.

Do you dream about cleanliness and order around you, modern furniture and equipment, helpful staff? This means that you will be unexpectedly lucky where you did not expect to be successful.

And if you dreamed that you were being discharged from a clinic for mentally ill people, then this could mean both the end of a difficult period and the opening of new prospects.

The Eastern dream book hints that you should calm down and not worry about trifles, interpreting what bedlam means in a dream. You see in a dream that the walls of the psychiatric hospital are painted in pastel colors - wait for the successful resolution of difficulties.

But if the interior of the lunatic asylum evokes unpleasant emotions in you in a dream, was replete with bright colors and absurd things, then this is a signal: if you don’t pull yourself together, there will be trouble, the interpreter predicts.

If you had a dream that you are a patient of an insane asylum, remember what you did in your dream, Longo's dream book advises.

Do you see yourself sitting and staring into one point? This is a sign of your incoherence and distraction. If you want to achieve success in your chosen field, you should tune in to the right mood: believe in yourself, set clear goals and work for the result, and not just dream of a better life.

But deciphering what exuberant, but not aggressive behavior means, when you were excited-uplifted, the dream book gives this interpretation of the dream: you will be lucky to meet like-minded people on your way who will help you achieve the desired results, but only if you are able to believe in yourself.

Studying the opinions of dream books about the meaning of a plot in which you are trying to get into the territory of an insane asylum, pay attention to the reasons that prompted you to do this in a dream.

Is a person close to you kept in this mental hospital, and, moreover, is absolutely healthy? This is a sign of an irrepressible desire to help everyone and everything. You should not do this until the person you are trying to help asks for it himself, the Gypsy interpreter suggests.

Did you have a dream that you want to hide within the walls of the madhouse from someone? Such a vision shows your excessive hysteria and inability to control your own emotions. Calm down, the dream books advise; you require psychological relaxation and peace of mind.

    If you dreamed that you were a doctor in an insane asylum, try to remember if any of your friends were among your patients. Here, according to the dream books, what is the meaning of a dream in which you are treating a madman who is:
  • your friend or girlfriend - friends take offense at you for something;
  • your brother or sister - pay more attention to your relatives;
  • your father or mother - you are worried about the health of your parents;
  • your enemy, rival - you are too fixated on victory, this prevents you from enjoying life.
Sergii Haranenko
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