Jacket Dream Meaning

Dreambooks usually associate dreams with jackets with business and personal sphere. Miller’s dreambook considers that dreams about jacket symbolize that the person is not a toy in the hands of fortune now, but he is the reason of what is going on in his life. A very expensive jacket in your dream indicates that you taking the most correct steps in your life now.

If the jacket was not your size and didn’t fit, the dream means that you inadequately evaluating your opportunities. You are being too shy for having success. The Wanderer dreambook thinks that this dream is usually seen by very authoritative people or people who are trying to develop these qualities. If a woman had a dream about man’s jacket it means she will have to reveal her male features of character in order to defend her interests.

A woman’s jacket sees by a young specialist means that the boss will be satisfied with his work. If a young girl sees herself in a strict jacket, the dreambooks advise her not to forget to use her charm. This element of clothes symbolizes that the dreamer wants to hold everything under his/her control. One shouldn’t forget that sometimes intuition can bring more than pure calculation.

If you saw a mysterious person wearing a red smoking, this dream can be a prediction of an unexpected offer, you should take it without any consideration. If a woman sees a man she knows wearing a red jacket she should pay attention at him, he might be in love with her for a long time already. Seeing your ex in a red jacket can bring feelings revival and staring relations all over.

Black-and-white clothes can be warning the dreamers about critical situations. A black jacket on a dream symbolizes he will be invited to a party soon; the same jacket one one of the relatives can predict someone’s death or serious illness. White jackets are usually seen by dreamers who are very concerned about their reputation. If a woman sees a dream about a partner wearing white jacket, her wish will come true. A squared jacket symbolizes marriage by calculation; a woman can turn to be in a gilded cage.

    Modern dreambooks interpret squared jackets as a strong wish to change something in your life: to change the work you hate, stop communication with poisonous people, finish the relations that already came to an end. Here are some options of other dream variations for interpretations:
  • If you were wearing a blue jacket - do not give-up, you need to make a final move
  • A brown jacket - the result may delude your expectations
  • A gray jacket symbolizes not only routine, but also stability and confidence
  • A green jacket makes a hint that the problem can be easily solved for money
  • Crimson jacket - a symbol of a powerful protector
  • Pink jacket - take off your pink glasses, the opponent is quite dangerous
  • Seeing yourself in a purple jacket - the advantage is on your side
  • A yellow jacket means you have done a great work and now it is time to rest.
Sergii Haranenko
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