Coat Dream Meaning

The coat seen in a dream embodies the character of a person, his qualities and the ability to compromise. To understand what this dream is about, you should recall your dream in small details, analyze it taking into account the plot and your own emotions in the dream, and project what you saw into real life and circumstances.

In the Children's Dream Book, the interpretation of a dream about a coat reveals the need for warmth and attention from relatives and friends. Manifestations of anger and aggression are possible due to the need of the sleeping person for protection and understanding. This time, in reality, you need to spend with people who are most dear to you.

Miller's dream interpretation is positioning the coat seen in a dream as the occurrence of problems from one’s own obstinacy and unwillingness to compromise. To borrow outer clothing in a dream means that the cause of the dreamer's failures will be other people's problems and mistakes.

Wearing or trying on a new coat in a dream - predicts the success and luck of a person in all areas of life. Wearing someone else's clothes is a symbol of difficult situation, in the solution of which you will need the help of friends.

A man in a coat symbolizes the dreamer's good security in front of an important and risky venture, the presence of a patron or friend from a circle of senior officials.

To see a coat in a dream, that is too large in size, predicts collision with difficulties and obstacles that will have to be overcome independently. Seeing a stranger in this outerwear is a sign of an upcoming love affair.

The look, condition and color of this wardrobe item is very important to determine why you had such a dream. Why do you dream of a white coat? Dream Interpretation indicates an acquaintance in real life with a person who will bring a lot of positive emotions and joy. The emergence of sincere and pure feelings for a person, who was nearby as a friend for a long time, is possible.

A dark-blue coat predicts success, despite the attempts of envious people to aggravate and influence the outcome of an important case, supervised by a sleeping person. The inability of enemies to influence the situation will embitter them, forcing them to make mistakes, thereby provoking themselves.

Worthy reward and well-being, caused by the dedication, hard work and courage of a person, that’s what a black coat symbolizes in dreams. Dream Interpretation identifies a person with a peacemaker, who at the right time comes to the aid of relatives and friends. For men, this dream portends a special reward for some services.

For people who love adventure and travel, it will be useful to know what a green coat symbolizes in a dream. Such a picture indicates a quick change in the dreamer's life, associated with a change of place of residence, moving to another city, change of position or work. It is worth remembering that all changes will be mostly positive.

The interpretation of the dreams explains wearing a pink coat in a dream, as falling into an unusual difficult situation due to your naivety and dreaminess. If the outerwear is old and shabby, then it is worth finally looking at the world with open eyes, not hiding behind the backs of people and learning to make decisions on your own.

Seeing a red coat in a dream is interpreted by the dream book as a threat to suffer from the hands of vile and hypocritical people. It is worth treating the proposals of those persons who are opponents or rivals with attention, because something bad is being plotted against the dreamer. Female red cape in a dream displays a meeting with a man who will conquer the heart of a dreamer.

Putting on a yellow coat, according to the dream book, means the spread of false and provocative rumors about a person, which can very badly damage his reputation and change his life in a negative direction, by ill-wishers. For men, a similar image warns that you do not need to get involved in dubious adventures and should abandon love adventures.

In order to find out why a new coat is seen in a dream, it is worth recalling your actions that were carried out in relation to this wardrobe item. A new coat predicts the implementation of long-planned goals and the ability to complete a long-running business.

Trying on a new coat in a dream is interpreted by the dream book as the likelihood of a new appointment, a change in work, a desire to change your lifestyle. Also, this image characterizes the success of the dreamer, the ability to navigate correctly in difficult situations, the presence of a flexible mind and ingenuity.

Wearing a coat with fur in a dream means the rapid prosperity of the sleeper, financial success, material and financial well-being, which will allow you occupy a high position in society.

The old coat, according to the dream book, means humiliation, poverty, for businessmen - bankruptcy, a difficult financial situation. A dirty coat seen in a dream personifies dubious matters, taking part in which, it will be difficult to wash off. The long coat, according to the dream book, symbolizes the presence of secrets that you do not want to tell anyone.

Most of the dream books ambiguously interpret what dreams of buying a coat mean. If you have to buy a coat for yourself in a dream, spinning in front of a mirror and looking at yourself, then you should not reject the help and patronage of a distant person, because you will not succeed on your own.

To buy a coat in a dream means that people around you perceive you very well, as well as it symbolizes the presence of a person of the opposite sex, who is close in spirit to the sleeping person.

To put on a coat and make sure that it is small, according to the dream book, is interpreted as the occurrence of a series of unpleasant situations in real life, if it turned out to be a big coat, then there is a big quarrel ahead and a showdown with a colleague.

If you stole a coat in a dream, then you should prepare for the fact that soon you will hear gossip and rumors spread by your close people and friends behind your back.

If a person happened to lose his coat in a dream, the dream book advises to reconsider his image and attitude to life, because of his excessive self-confidence and tactlessness, a person can lose reliable comrades and sincere love.

What is the biblical meaning of coat in a dream? Coats in dream symbolize bad weather. The worse the coat you see in your dream, the worse the weather will be. If you dream of an unusual coat, this image predicts weather anomalies.

What does a sheepskin coat mean in a dream? It may be a sign of inadequacy of loving care or protection, often meaning protection of faith and god.

    The dreambooks give brief interpretations depending on the plot details:
  • white coat - means the appearance of a reliable friend;
  • blue coat - regrets about a missed opportunity;
  • green coat - obtaining a leadership position;
  • pink coat - unwillingness to take responsibility;
  • yellow coat - intrigues in the team;
  • gray coat - means longing for the past;
  • dark-blue coat - the patronage of a high-ranking person;
  • red coat - the implementation of the plan;
  • black coat - a reward for hard work;
  • tobacco color coat - sign of sadness;
  • coat with a fur collar - promises a stable income;
  • long coat - unfair accusations;
  • short coat - losing a dispute;
  • woman's coat - a pleasant acquaintance;
  • man's coat - minor troubles;
  • winter coat - stagnation in business;
  • beautiful coat - sign of self-confidence;
  • old coat - fatigue from the monotony in life;
  • new coat - respect and recognition in society;
  • leather coat - popularity with the opposite sex;
  • seeing yourself in a coat - attending a solemn event;
  • choosing a coat - a joyful event;
  • trying on a coat - disappointment and tears;
  • buying a coat - unplanned expenses;
  • dream of losing and finding a coat means waste of time.
    Here are the Top-5 adverse dreams about coat:
  • A torn coat in a dream speaks of grief in the family.
  • Dirty coat - deterioration of the financial situation.
  • Taking off your coat - sign of negative emotions.
  • Washing a coat in a dream - means committing a rash act.
  • Seeing how a coat was stolen warns of gossip about the dreamer's past.
    What are the Top-5 auspicious coat dream meanings?
  • A drape coat in a dream speaks of good health.
  • Cashmere coat - social status increase.
  • Sewing a coat - means successful completion of affairs.
  • Selling a coat - profits increase.
  • If you dreamed that you were presented with a coat, this plot predicts well-being and prosperity.
Sergii Haranenko
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