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Peeping Dream Meaning

Why do you dream about peeking? In reality, it is considered the wrong tone to spy on someone; in a dream, this image corresponds to the attempt of a sleeping person to understand something. Dream Interpretations explain this action rather controversially, it is necessary to take into account the details of the dream: the plot, the setting, as well as the true motives of the dreamer or characters. Only in this case can one interpret correctly what the dream of peeping means.

To spy on a person in a dream is explained by psychologist Miller with the occurrence of a situation in which the dreamer will have to report on the amount of government spending. Feeling that someone is watching you in a dream predicts loss of control and independence in decision-making.

If you dreamed that you had a chance spy on a man or woman through binoculars, a telescope or a spyglass, it means that in reality you stand out among those around you with your courage and independence in judgments.

A man peeping at a woman in a dream, according to the Modern interpreter, will experience persistent sexual desire and excessive intimate activity in reality. Seeing someone peeking at you from afar suggests that your sexual problems have become known to others.

In Dr. Freud's dream book, there is another explanation of what peeping means in dreams. So, spying on someone through a window or a keyhole is explained by the dreamer's predisposition to intimate fantasies that do not find practical application in life.

Seeing a couple making love and spying on them on the sly symbolizes your secret desires which do not necessarily relate to the satisfaction of base instincts.

You will be sincerely surprised to find out what prying into you means in a dream. The dreaming picture warns of the approach of danger from people whom you practically do not know. Unlike you, these persons are quite aware of the smallest details of your personal and business life.

If the peeping character you saw in a dream is well known to you in reality, this means this person is the one you should be wary of in reality. Most likely, this person has bad intentions towards the dreamer.

Having learned why you dream of spying on a person, you should draw the right conclusions for yourself. The seen own action of peek is considered by the Universal Dream Book a sign announcing the excessive curiosity of a sleeping person, which should be directed to solving his personal issues.

A dream in which you happen to watch passers-by through the window symbolizes peace of mind and harmony. To spy on a specific person in a dream speaks about good awareness of other people's secrets.

Looking through the window, watching the character from the street speaks about the desire of the sleeping person to understand the reasons for the behavior of those around him or his loved ones, Medea's Dream Book says. Seeing a man or girl peeping through the keyhole means that the people who are friends with you are actually hidden enemies.

The vision, in which you happened to be engaged in surveillance predicts the risk of doing business to the detriment of your own interests. Such work will not bring either moral or material satisfaction.

Sergii Haranenko

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